AMD Catalyst 12.11 (9.010.8 November 15) AMD Official BETA 11

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon Drivers Section' started by asder00, Oct 22, 2012.

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  1. RobiX85

    RobiX85 Guest

    performance increase HD6950

    I have noticed that the FPS level has been increased significantly than previous drivers, but if you try to run a OC tool like trixx, you will have some flickering in the screen, I hope they will fix that issue.
  2. Progeny

    Progeny Guest

    Just to confirm to the both of you, when i enabled ss i started the game and saw quickly two large black artifacts appear one after the other however that was the very last artifact i saw and ive put a decent amount of hours since then into the game totally artifact free and tbh it even looks slightly more appealing gfx wise. It does come with a performence hit but my 7970 ghz edition is perfectly capable of running the game maxed out on full hd + maxed fov perfectly smooth fps is somewhere in between 50/200 fps. I would say averages well above 100 fps.

    btw where can i report this bug to amd?
  3. Progeny

    Progeny Guest

    This driver does crash in desktop mode tho every now and again, am i alone?
  4. vejn

    vejn Guest

    Win XP version please!

  5. Didusieq

    Didusieq Member

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    Nvidia GF RTX 3080
    For me no issues. No idle bug, no flickering, no BSODs. :D Great driver. And performance increase. :D
  6. psyside

    psyside Guest

    Anyone can help me with chrome crashing with this driver? i mostly get cursor loading thing, for lets say 10 seconds and then "google chrome has stopped responding"
  7. cyclone3d

    cyclone3d Guest

    IPC performance is not the same on every processor.

    4.4Ghz on a Nehalem is going to be a lot slower than 4.4Ghz on a Sandy Bridge processor.
  8. AxelL

    AxelL Guest

    And he was running a performace settings where the bottleneck is more obvious than the extreme settings. So it's not just the GHz.
  9. heroxoot

    heroxoot Guest

    I see the flicker problem more so when I loop heaven benchmark than when I play a real game. I only recently started to notice it. No actual artifacts though as if there were, it would be more constant instead of 5 - 10 minute gaps.
  10. GhostXL

    GhostXL Guest

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    PNY EPIC-X RTX 4090
    You do know that your card will no benefit from this driver at all, especially on XP right?

    This GCN Driver is meant for HD 7 series.

  11. Didusieq

    Didusieq Member

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    Nvidia GF RTX 3080
    Random picture freezing in Serious Sam 3 on this driver.
  12. hallryu

    hallryu Guest

    Clock bug is beginning to piss me off with this driver. Hope they sort it for WHQL release.
  13. Colt M4

    Colt M4 Guest

    Does the idle bug have to do the monitor cause i have never had it but i use HDMI
  14. last time i got flickering problem was on ati 2900xt and lot of drivers but the card was faulty and they RMA it after 2 years of pain(something with power controler) but well hope its only driver... :)))
  15. djsebfr

    djsebfr Guest

    Here a temporarily solution for the idle bug :

    "First install the drivers+caps.

    Once that is done start up CCC, go to overdrive and apply 300 core and 150 memory clocks.

    After this go to preset, add preset, name the preset idle, put the tooltip as 2dclocks, under location leave all items ticked, then assign a hotkey. I used F4. Click save.

    After that go to preferences in the top right of CCC, then hotkeys. Click idle and go to edit. In with Hotkey press F5, Click ok.

    Now whenever you quickly need to apply idle clocks, just press Alt+F5 twice.

    I use this after ive finished playing games and running my overclocks using trixx in order to get the card to clock down properly.

    This also corrects the voltage being too high."

    Cheese !

  16. As soon as I saw these I jumped straight on them without even looking at the release notes. Now im playing MOHW and im getting this weird stutter. Kinda wondering if I should just roll back to the last official release since im running 5 series gpus.

    Just got this thing "must have latest drivers"...cept these ones are obviously an exception haha.

    Playing everything else just fine though.
  17. byron_hinson

    byron_hinson Guest

    I'd guess the same as when I connect my 7970 to my iMac via MiniDP it has the idle clock bug, yet via HDMI to my TV it has no issues.
  18. Maddog

    Maddog New Member

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    Sapphire 7870
    Nice performace boost but not stable in UFO:Enemy Unknown. Flickering in WoT. Trying 12.10 now ..
  19. r_vi

    r_vi Guest

    For me single card performance is superb, but with CF there's still GPU activity issues which causes GPU clocks go up and down, stuttering and very unsteady FPS. (I have 2 Sapphire's factory overclocked 7870's)

    This driver is working better though than 12.8, 12.9 or 12.10, but somewhat still has issues. And, yes, I have dotnet 4 installed. I have to go with 12.7 Beta for now as it's latest working driver for me.

    BTW - Couple of years ago with HD 5970 was the last time I had idle clock issue. I noticed that restoring factory defaults in CCC solved it. I've never had that issue since by restoring defults after installing driver. Might be worth to try for those who suffers that issue, with good luck it may help :)
  20. rone

    rone Guest

    Didn't update drivers for nearly a year, after 11.11c. Recently tried 12.11 beta3 and 12.10 WHQL -all crap on HD5870. Any suggestion for HD5000 series legacy driver? :wanker:
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