AMD Catalyst 12.11 (9.010.8 November 15) AMD Official BETA 11

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon Drivers Section' started by asder00, Oct 22, 2012.

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  1. DM789

    DM789 Master Guru

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    7850 is only able to achieve more than 1050 on core, if you enable unofficial OC,

    and i've tried it, unofficial OC is too unstable, my clock would drop randomly, and i can't use my stock clock, and many more, i've even tried the launch driver for 7850, and it still lock my OC to 1050, and i always did clean uninstall.

    unofficial OC is too much hassle, so i wont even bother enabling it.

    Edit : fixed some typo, and my win 7 installation is still fresh, about a month fresh.
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  2. Espionage724

    Espionage724 Guest

    Don't use unofficial overclocking method then... read the thread I posted earlier :) Worked just fine for me (and I have the same card; or I assume yours is also 2GB, not that it would matter that I know of)

    Edit: Made a more detailed guide about the method:
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  3. warlord

    warlord Guest

    i have 2 7850 cf running at 1035/1435...silky smooth with 12.11 i have even managed higher stable oc my previous was 1005/ is the safest driver to date.!
  4. djsebfr

    djsebfr Guest

    Hi all !

    My new Saphire 7970 OC idling incorrectly since the 12.10 CCC (12.10 Whql, 12.11 beta 3&4) : 500/1450 with 0% GPU usage :-|

    ...Going to use 12.9 Beta until this bug will be fix !

  5. erocker

    erocker Guest

    12.11's is still worth having even with the clock issue. Easy fix for now: Install Sapphire Trixx and set your desired clocks. Set it to startup with Windows and have it minimized. Then go to CCC Overdrive and set memory to 150mhz. Everything will work as it is supposed to. :)
  6. Rich_Guy

    Rich_Guy Ancient Guru

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    MSI 2070S X-Trio
    An AMD rep said somewhere that they'd replicated the idle clock bug, and so are working on a fix, so id expect a BETA5 incoming at some point. :)
  7. The Mac

    The Mac Guest

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    Sapphire R9-290 Vapor-X
    i will bet you that the idle clock bug is a monitor EDID issue....
  8. yasamoka

    yasamoka Ancient Guru

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    Zotac RTX 3090
    WOW, what can I say, you must be the awaited king of GPU OCing!

    Instead of just bashing him and acting like a bully, why don't you take into consideration what he said??

    The new GPU driver loads the graphics card more than the previous drivers, and has higher sustained load. Where do you think several performance improvements came out of, thin air??

    Try to be helpful and simply test at stock clocks, then try a reduced OC. See where you reach stability with the new driver.

    And try, when your testosterone stops boiling, to check OC stability with OCCT, if you haven't already done so. It's bulletproof for my core OCs.

    Just act nice and don't give me a headache with your next reply.

  9. Luke7

    Luke7 Guest

    I can confirm this, I also had to raise my cpu volt a bit to get it stable with the new GPU driver
    12.11 works great now.
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  10. heroxoot

    heroxoot Guest

    This driver works great, its just the idle issue. I'm still pushing my 7970 core clock but my last graphics score on 3dmark11 was 11400 or so.

  11. centeh

    centeh Guest

    HIS Radeon 7850 2GB user here.
    A couple of things I noticed with this driver

    Battlefield 3 causes the odd BSOD at previously stable clocks, lowered GPU core by 20mhz, waiting for it to happen again.

    Skyrim is still very flickery, not sure if overclocks fault, diabling antialiasing orultra shadows doesnt seem to help at all.

    Quakelive has corrupted chat text but all other texts render fine

    GPU Accelerated rendering continues to work correctly in Sony Vegas Pro 12 64bit

    Idle clocks are ok at 150/300, however once you enter UVD mode and return to 3D mode card uses default clocks of 860/1200mhz instead of overclock set my ASUS GPU Tweak
  12. Colt M4

    Colt M4 Guest

    These drivers are awesome gained a good 15-20 frames in bf3 and much smoother. Only issue still is HDMI audio doesn't work for my tv. It starts to work the first time after the install then it stops. No idle bug but iam using hdmi.
  13. mamboboy

    mamboboy Guest

    Excellent performance. BF3 smooth as butter on my 6870 HAWK @ 2560x1440 with Ultra settings (No AA).
    However, downgraded to 12.7 BETA until the idle clock speeds get fixed. Really don't like the thought of the GPU running at that permanently... my PC is on 24/7 pretty much.

    Now down to 100/150 MHz, and temp has dropped from 47c to 37c idle :)
  14. DM789

    DM789 Master Guru

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    1st of all when did i ever said that i'm an expert on OC ?
    i only said that my OC clock is stable on other drivers.

    2nd of all, like i said, i wasn't trying to get help, because i know the issue is from AMD own incompetence, so i wasn't asking on how to fix it.

    well i can't do anything about my cpu voltage, my mobo doesn't allow me to touch the voltage for my cpu.

    Edit : and i forgot to mention, that when using 12.11 even on stock clock, it still does random artifacting on my desktop, and my stock clock is 950/1200.
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  15. warlord

    warlord Guest

    you need at least 4.4ghz to stop bottle-necking... :) with any processor...until that limit, you will see lesser fps than you supposed to get...........................

  16. Espionage724

    Espionage724 Guest

    I have the same card as you (given you have the 2GB model anyway; may want to specify that on your profile), and yet I have no artifacting on my desktop, unless I'm bitmining. Otherwise, my desktop is just fine.

    I was reading your original post about your artifacting too in games, once again, I don't have this issue either, and have the same card (given you have 2GB).

    So... with that in mind, I might assume it's something directly related to your hardware possibly either being unstable, or maybe even your PSU is just on the edge of being able to provide enough power to the GPU.

    Perhaps you've tried other games besides PES 2013?

    Edit: I'm reading that the PE of MSI's 7850 only comes in 2GB; if that's true, then we do have the same card...
  17. DM789

    DM789 Master Guru

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    yes, my card is 2GB, and yes the artifacting only start to happens when i started the bitmining, and of course when i played games, i stopped doing bitmining, because otherwise the games wont run smooth.

    and about the game, it was fine, i played hours of it, and then yesterday it suddenly does that for the 1st time ever, what makes me surprised is that when i exited the game, the whole screen is distorted + flickering.

    and didn't you read my PSU is Corsair TX750M ? that meant i'm using 750watt PSU, no way that is not enough, 7850 only needed 550watt PSU as the min.

    i haven't tried other games because PES 2013 is new, and i'm kinda on the mood for that game only, i even abandoned my steam games because of that game, and also because i played it with my local friend, so its the only game i played right now.

    Edit : forgot to mention that the whole screen distorted + flickering things happens right after i exited the game, and i haven't started bitmining at all.

    EDit 2 : forgot to mention that my temp never went past 58C on 12.11, and right now i'm using 12.9 beta, because 12.7 beta from AMD is not 12.7 beta anymore, AMD changed the CCC to 12.11, but kept the display driver from the 12.7 beta, and on 12.9 beta right now, my gpu usage is 95% and my temp is only 51C, with fan at 62% (user define, not default)
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  18. djsebfr

    djsebfr Guest

    Thanks for this little fix.

    Hope AMD will fix this bug soon !
  19. Fox2232

    Fox2232 Guest

    For those who are not happy about having Bumped UP lowest clock speed on chip/memory here is little consumption statistics at idle state.

    GPU/MEM Power consumption
    300/150 4.8W
    500/800 13.2W
    1050/1504 28.5W

    i5@4.4GHz 30.5W
    I do not run overclock by setting turbo to 4.4GHz. All my cores permanently sit at 4.4GHz this way I prevent any micro stuttering caused by CPU turbo jumps.
    Difference is 24W+14W GPU+CPU to lowest. Now with total idle power consumption 98W vs 134W I would pay 30$ instead of minimum 22$ in case I had system running and idling 24/7.
    But in real life scenario my system runs 12h per day cutting difference to 4$. And then because I play about 3hours of that time and system may only dream about idling this reduces difference to 3$ per month for me.

    People concerned about power consumption should get 100W APU where whole system is about 130W at full load compared to 450-550W at regular system. And play games at medium details only.

    Side note: Do you know EU wants to ban graphics cards which have higher memory Bandwidth (Their interpretation of power consumption). One would think that reason is power use at main gaming hours spike too much.
    But reason for banning memory data rate is to prevent general population from having awesome GPGPU power.
  20. i can confirm that after latest BF3 AK update , i was getting bsods...with 12.8whql driver on my rig..and i do several things one of them was increase of GPU OC Volts, and i used 12.7rc driver and no problems since...but it may be something else...god knows
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