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Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon Drivers Section' started by asder00, Apr 27, 2011.

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    RX 7800 XT black
    At first I had before 11.3, I DL 11.4 official then install over top of 11.3 big mistakes.

    Why ? I found strange when I run BC2 and noticed weird fonts and run slower around 35-40 fps so I try change settings in CCC- still same result.

    Workaround for me,

    unistall AMD driver then reboot to Safe-mode.

    I ran Driver Sweeper 2.90 newer version while in Safe-Mode, I just select AMD display to clean it then reboot.

    Back to Safe-Mode again, I ran Ccleaner to select registry to clean it then reboot.

    Back to Desktop then install 11.4 again BAM !!!!!, it's working fine with normal fonts and 55-100 fps for BC2.

    No 99% bug here either and I don't care about mouse lag didn't bother me a bit.

    This driver is keeper for me for my 5770 no problem.
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    asder00 it appears the NORTH BRIDGE FILTER DRIVER is missing from your list, this is for the AMD chipsets update..11.4. not sure what it does or even if its needed but it says it was needed when I installed the whql ones..


    Uploaded with

    hope this helps


  3. MyBrains

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    these are ****,getting BSOD while playing BFBC2 like i got with the Apr 5th preview.. back to Mar 23rd preview cuz i never had a problem with those..

    AMD,i duno what u did since Mar 23rd drivers but u sure screwed something up and its pissing me off that i got reinstall .. sort it out!
  4. bolan

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    Good drivers so far, FireFox runs much smoother when scrolling and GPU remains in 2D mode.

    Now, I've been playing for 2h BC2. No issues so far.
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  5. xeroian

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    Yes, I get exactly this message with the 2nd 11.4 preview.

  6. TheGuuH

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    and then u come here to troll? :stewpid:

    these drivers rocks now waiting for the mouse lag bug fix xD
  7. Bomastus

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    Thanks! Always good to know you're not alone. :D

    I have fiddled with this error a bit, and found out that it is caused by the AMD External Events Utility service. Disable this, and the error goes away. However, this causes 3D clocks not to come down to 2D speeds after exiting a game. They do come down when you open CCC, but not before then, for some reason, like so:

    But I guess the error doesn't really have any significance.
  8. Bomastus

    Bomastus Guest

    Also, another thing this driver did, was to create the ACEEventLog in the Event Viewer and start filling it with crap. I remember ATI drivers doing this, but that was quite some time ago. But with 11.4, the nuicance seems to be back.
  9. solofly

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    AMD is good with breaking things. Last year they did the same to me with their 10.4 driver while I was running 5870 crossfire. After 3 months, I gave up...
  10. Reclusive781

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    RX 7800 XT
    Am I the only one who never has a problem with AMD's drivers? Tons people always complain about BSOD's and game crashes whenever a new driver comes out.

    I guess I'm just that awesome.
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  11. Rich_Guy

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    Won't be long.

  12. TheOriginalTO

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    5500 XT / 8gb
    Been months already... lol
  13. TheGuuH

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  14. The funny thing is BSODs are usually hardware and not software issues. The only BSOD I ever got was on an nvidia setup, but I highly doubt that was a driver issue lol
  15. TheGuuH

    TheGuuH Guest

    when i installed these i got a BSOD playing portal, but after a restart no more BSOD Lols everything is fine now xD

  16. tyRant.594

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    How are these running for a 5870? I am running the 11.4 preview I have had no issues what so ever. Let me know guys if you see some gains.
  17. Mineria

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    Asus RTX 3080 Ti
    And Asder posted this on the very first page of this thread:

  18. Nwanko

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    My 5850CFX with msiAB still run 3d when using Firefox4,so where can i disable this.I'm surfing the web and its like i'm siting beside a ROCKET! :D
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  19. AxelL

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    Not for me. Still clocks jumping up and down when I enable the hardware acceleration in FF. :(
  20. FDisk

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    They found a way to move it to the other corner. It will be implemented in the next release. :bang:

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