AMD and NVIDIA AIB GPU Market Share from 2002 to 2016

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Nov 24, 2016.

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    You don't create innovative product out of magic dust, you need the R&D cash flow.
    Poor market share on the widest market part - aka medium-low range - can only lead to slow innovation.
    This looks really bad for AMD and they can only wish for a Nvidia misstep.

    AMD are in a negative loop from their own choices.
    When there's a brand 'that' dominant on the market, it's legitimate to think that they're in this situation for a reason.
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    One of the biggest problems AMD has is their inability to keep their mouths shut. Every time they release a CPU or GPU, within a very short period of time they're already blabbing about the next generation product and how "revolutionary" its going to be. What that does is cause potential buyers to delay purchases and it undercuts retailers trying to sell their chips as the latest and greatest instead of the chip thats about to be replaced with ____. So consumers sit on the cash but eventually get bored of waiting around and right about that time Intel releases their next chip with very little warning and they end up buying whats brand new and available.. the intel chip.
    Another huge problem AMD has is lying. Anyone who paid attention to what was being said by AMD prior to Bulldozer being released knows very well how their claims turned out for them. Additionally, they're currently facing a class action suit over the core count on their processors since these 8 core chips are actually not true 8 core.
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    Yeah good point, because it's exactly what Nvidia for instance does NOT do, let you know about their release plans just two months ahead. They'd never tell you "hey here's the 1080 but we're releasing something revolutionary in 6 months, so better save your money". It's the complete opposite, they'd happily "lie" to you about how the 1080 / Titan XP is the fastest single GPU card even though they're already testing engineering samples of 1080Ti cards.

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