AMD AGESA ABBA BIOS That Should Fix Boost issues Spotted and Tested

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Sep 10, 2019.

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    Except intel used its money to block the market for amd, have been fined multiple times into the billions, so no, they arent just trying to make money.
    How many times/years did they say i3/5 cant do HT?
    But as soon as the smallest ryzen is a 6 core, the existing (as in no change to hardware/arc) the i3 now does HT.
    Since the i3 had that capability, but not offered as such, it clearly proves intel only gives the consumer what they think we should have, not what we want.

    Lol. Funny how everyone i know that owns a ryzen 3 gets advertised clocks incl boost with bios. and the latest changes incl that i use a tweaked bios/power profile, i now boost to 4ghz all cores full load, 3.850-3900 with prime95, boost on ST goes to 4.2-4.250.
    But yeah, lets sue them, cause they had to fix the FW to get there.
    Check how many of the cars you/your family owns/owned have/had recalls to fix (potentially life threatening) problems, while even cheap cars cost multiple times more than a whole rig.
    Did you sue them too?
    Lol again.

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