AMD ACML Library become Opensource

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    These point releases were not random. There is a method to our madness. We have just announced the AMD Compute Libraries (ACL) as an open Beta. You can learn more about the Beta 1 of ACL here. All the source code, readme files, and documentation are available in GitHub. Each of the clMath libraries we wrote about is a component of ACL.

    But wait, there’s more!
    I have told you elsewhere about AMD’s commitment to open source software. ACL provides developers with a growing collection of open source libraries designed to enhance the performance of your code, whether it is running on a GPU or on a CPU.

    As part of this ongoing effort, on the CPU-side we are transitioning the AMD math libraries from the proprietary, closed source ACML codebase to the open source, BSD-licensed SHPC libraries. The Science of High-Performance Computing group, based at the University of Texas, Austin, developed and maintains the SHPC libraries.

    That’s right, AMD’s formerly proprietary high-performance math library code is moving to open source.

    The libflame BLIS project provides a high-performance BLAS-like API that replaces the BLAS API provided by ACML. The libflame project also provides a high-performance LAPACK-like API that replaces the LAPACK API provided by ACML.

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