AMD A620 motherboards to get very affordable? Two chipsets planned

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Jan 30, 2023.

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  2. cucaulay malkin

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    b550 started at $99, a520 under $60. 125 dollars for the absolute bare minumum board is expensive.
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  3. asturur

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    The issue with 60$ dollar MB is that to add a profit you get a really bad MB with no support.
    I don't care for overclocking features or PBO but the power delivery should at least be sufficient for the standard 100% performance out of the box.
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  4. GlassGR

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    is it me or the high prices trend is out of control ?
    i mean the cheapest previous gen asrok x570 phantom that still sells costs 160 e.
    whats next ,a 60 e mainboard with ps2 ports and vga output only ?

  5. Venix

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    I could not disagree more, when my b350 mate died due to my own fault ...I got this one until rma goes threw for 54 euros look at the support this puppy gets ! While I would never dare to put anything over 65 watts on this joke of a vrm this board has ..... I ended up getting credit from the rma and I kept this motherboard for nearly 2 years ! It was ROCK solid ! Resulting on getting my b550 mortar wifi almost free!

    Edit: the CPU I was running on it was the Ryzen 1600 65watt tdp... I am pretty sure this board will be fine with a 5600(nonx) as far you stay @65watts .... Hell this board is going to become my father's PC to free replace his a3400 ... When I am not bored to do it :p
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  6. schmidtbag

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    When are you ever going to need support when you're using the most basic common parts and don't intend to overclock? So long as the VRMs have some cooling, you should be all set even for a 7950X. Modern motherboards are pretty basic and most ICs made today are pretty good for how dirt cheap they are.

    The only reason I can come up with why AMD boards are more expensive than Intel's is because of PCIe 5.0 and the chipset. AMD's 600 series chipset seems to offer a little bit more. I wish AMD would release something a bit more "dumbed down". Both companies have an LGA CPU of roughly the same pin count and CPUs of similar power draw, so the socket or VRM shouldn't matter. Intel wasn't wrong to make its limitations.
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  7. GamerNerves

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    Cheap motherboards are not only missing features and beefy VRM, but they might have slower and lesser software support, cost cuts that result in higher speed memory being less stable, factory settings that need to be changed to get the best performance and they might have even some nasty things like inadequate shielding; once I used a cheap MSI motherboard that replicated electrical noises to analogically connected speakers just by moving an USB-connected mouse and I recall that a dedicated audio card was in use. On-board audio is usually automatically bad with cheap mobos, but there might be exceptions.
    Don't go thinking that you can just enjoy perfectly fine PC with any cheap board just if the VRM is good enough - there might be some surprises ahead, but if some author has tested the board to be good, then smart cost saving is real, which make me excited about these upcoming A620 boards, since I seriously consider if I ever need PCI-E 5 in the next few years or even USB 4, which is another likely cost cut. Most likely for many, two M.2 slots that can do full PCI-E 4 x4 speed is going to be enough combined with eight USB ports. If better audio solution is needed, then a dedicated audio card can be bought and those who truly care about the best possible audio quality, likely already have an external device.
    I really like AMD's presentation here, assuming they will offer the same long-term support for upcoming CPU generations on A620 too, at least for the lesser CPU models, but it is, as important as ever, to remember, that software suppport is dependent on the motherboard makers, since too often AMD gets the flak for their faults, even if AMD could sometimes be more consistent too in their own releases.

    I'm eagerly waiting what these A620 boards will present and wish for a board that could safely handle a 150 W load, so that there is room for more powerful CPUs than only the 65 W ones, but even if a 65 W rated CPU would be the reasonable limit, it still enables very powerful CPUs to be used, assuming AMD continues offering such models in the future too, which is more than likely. For example the R9 7900 is amazing in power efficiency and a waste to pair with a beefy VRM without overclocking it (it consumes less than 90 W under load).

    EDIT. Whoopsie! With AMD's presentation I refer to this picture from TechPowerUp's corresponding article. I have personally missed this "promise" before.

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  8. droopy_ro

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    I do have a B450M (in a PC that i gave to a relative of mine) with a 3200G on it. I too am too lazy to go and stick my old 2700X on it and run R23 and see what the temps on those naked VRM's are :)
  9. tunejunky

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    it's out of control *SPAM* from the whack covid gave the supply-chain in Asia.
    so many of the "little guys" whose business is dependent on the big board partners lost staff or went out of business from 2020-2021.
    that said, stick a profit margin on increased costs due to this and here we are. price increases achieve a life of their own when publicly shared companies (required to make increasing profits) deal with unplanned cost hikes.

    we should actually take time to thank AMD (and Intel) for making moves to lower the cost of entry - it may not "be enough", but as many pointed out the "VRM fever" (i.e. putting 500w VRM for 105w parts) is doing enthusiasts no favors pricewise.
    it's like having to buy the speed rated 8 cylinder compact car for a daily driver when you live in the center of town, it's nice but unneccessary.

    so thanks Intel for DDR 4 compatibilty and thanks AMD for (finally) releasing the A series mobo.
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