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Discussion in 'The Guru's Pub' started by dk_lightning, Aug 27, 2021.

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    Going back a few years Amazon gave me the option to pay over 5 months on a Kindle. It was a bit crap so I sent it back and never got that option again... Until now.

    I have been trying to figure out how they decide what you can and cant buy with the 5 monthly payment option but I cant find any rhyme or reason.

    The only thing I know for sure is that it needs to be sold by Amazon.

    I was looking at keyboards and some Corsair and Logitech could be had on pay monthly but not Razer or SteelSeries.

    Same goes for a lot of things.

    They let me have 3 items in total and then some of the stuff that did show as having 5 monthly payments did not show that option anymore BUT Hisense TV's... I can still have one of those if I wanted.

    No clue as to how they decide what you can, can not get or how many items.

    Anyone got a bloody clue cus I don't! xD
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    I'd be surprised if it was Amazon themselves giving out the credit.

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