almost 10 months with this problem now

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    My game since i bought the pc has been freezing for 0.2 - 0.5 second everytime i peek an enemy or get killed by enemy or when i am inspecting a gun even in the main menu..and it seems to happen before hand. (Like im loading the enemy model or something) i tried everything and this only just begun happening but not after any update or changes to my computer. I tried verifying game files/ updated all drivers and even cleaned my computer this morning but i still get the same shitty experience. Worst part is telling teammates that i lag when i die...

    my pc specs :

    i7 8700K

    asrock z370 pro 4 , Upgraded to MSI z370 a Pro now

    gtx 1080 founders edition

    game and windows running on SSD

    Wireless steelseries 800 '' maybe wireless headphones causes stutter? idk , i think its using another driver for its own, not realtek "

    16gb corsair rgb ddr4 3000 MHZ '' overclocked in my motherboard , tried to use it without oc too dosent work ''

    i also tried all these and none worked PLEASE READ before you tell me the same thing i tried again.

    i tried :

    reinstalling all drivers/updating them INCULDING sound driver

    reinstalling windows

    reinstalling steam

    verify game cache

    reinstall csgo

    change config

    change resolution

    all setings are on low

    my fps is 400-600

    uninstall graphics card driver using ddu

    put high preformance on power saving

    updating windows

    use time resolution

    disabled game dvr

    disabled unneccesary things in windows 10

    OC cpu and gpu and ram

    take off wireless heapdhones and use normal ones

    things maybe you should know : i have win 10 LTSB , tried win 7 and win 10 pro but same issue too

    i am running pretty much everything in the motherboard on auto even the ram mode , i tried xmp profile 2.0 but its the same so left it as default settings

    i have 100MB internet connection with latest drivers and its through cable not wifi

    i tried switching rams places in motherboard

    i tried disabled HPET

    i bought new motherboard

    i tried to stick only 1 ram and ran memtest , its all good.

    i also tried ALL commands in console with cl_interp and rate , etc etc etc..nothing useful.

    THE ISSUE happens when im peaking an enemy as i stated , it also happens when im inspectating a skin in the main menu especially like the awp or something that covers the monitor pretty much maybe there are other solutions i tried that i've forgot but pretty much i tried everything and none worked. my launch options are only '' -novid '' as other causes more lag according to valve..

    thanks in advance.


    it dosent only happen in main menu , i am just trying to show you what happens when im peaking somewhere or an enemy , what happens when im inspectating the skins is what happens to me in the menu

    TLDR: Client VAR jumps when im in the menu and when im spraying/peeking an enemy
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    Does it happen in one game or all games, does it happen only in online games or does it also happen in normal single player games to?
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    So this only appears in CS GO ?
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    Turn off Vsync in game
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    It seems that's how the game works, I'm afraid.

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