(All-in-one Daniel_K) Modded Soundcard Driver packs/disks

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    G Force FX5200
    Any help appriciated.
    SB Live! Player 1024 in Windows 7 (32bit). The only file could be installed, was sblive_supportpack_2_0.exe
    But there are no Mixer and Creative Surround Mixer
    Trying install Audio HQ from Original CD. It is installed OK but the Mixer and the Creative Surround Mixer do not work.
    Trying install the Surround Mixer seperately from inside the sblive_supportpack_2_0.exe , give me
    the "InstallShield Wizard" error : "Setup has eperienced an error please do the following:
    Close any running programs etc.... Error code6003"

    Any idea ?
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