Aliens vs. Predator 2

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  1. Hallo my name is Slaven and I hope anyone can help me. <IMG SRC="smileys/hot.gif"> <br>
    I need the CD-KEY for Multiplayer in AVP2 can anyone mail me the KEY.<br>
    Send the message to PLEASE ! <IMG SRC="smileys/smile.gif">
  2. OZ

    OZ Guest

    Don't ask for cd-keys! END
  3. Why I'm not allowed to ask.<br>
    I need this key beacuse in germany is the version of avp2 cut <br>
    and i have a copy of the us version please help me <IMG SRC="smileys/frown.gif">
  4. Dave

    Dave Don Fredo Corleone

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    no keys can or should be sent accross forums, aside from the fact that you and the sender can be easily found, this site is then also liable. <br>
    if you were smart enough to get the game, then get smart enough to get the key.<br> <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A><br> <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A><br>

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