AGP Raeon 64mb DDR = 30fps in Counterstrike

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon' started by Agent Rizo, May 29, 2001.

  1. Agent Rizo

    Agent Rizo Guest

    (ubject vidoe card)<br>
    P3 500mhz<br>
    256mb pci133<br>
    I've tried every driver release for Radeon. as well as GLsetup. <br>
    made every update to game, counter-strike.(tried retail and MOD version). <br>
    All AGP aperature settings tested.<br>
    Motherboard updated. <br>
    Several Refresh Rates tested. <br>
    several game resolutions tested.<br>
    Disabled several potential conflicting hardware components(i.e SB pci128 sound card, Zoltriz T.v Capture card)<br>
    Everything tried so far still results in crappy framerates.<br>
    NOTE: I've tested the game, counter-strike on a similar system using a Diamond Viper 770, It runs steady @72 Frames per second or higher.
  2. sagara

    sagara Guest

    yo im having the same problem with u <br>
    just bought this card too. <br>
    (even dropped to 20FPS at instense gameplay of CS)<br>
    but it seems that when i play Quake3... at 1024 x 768 32 bit color<br>
    its smooth as hell!! even at when action is intense!!<br>
    dont understand y this is so for CS... wat i suspect is that Radeon 64 is not compatible with Halflife engine?<br>
    anyone here with a Radeon could get FPS CONSTANT at more than 40?????<br>
    btw my benchmark results sucks too... only 2500+ on the 3DMARK 2000<br>
    anyone can help?? izzit because our CPU clockspeed too slow for Radeon to maximise it performance?? <br>
    <IMG SRC="smileys/puke.gif"> <br>
    P3 450<br>
    256 SDRAM<br>
  3. ati sucks

    ati sucks Guest

    THey claim to be the world leader in graphics technology. Bull$hit.<br>
    I have a rage pro which posotively sucks. In games that require a good card, i get a horrible framerate. And its not because of my cpu, i have an 800mhz athalon (better than p4 and cheaper) <br>
    800mhz athalon<br>
    DSL conection <IMG SRC="smileys/tongue.gif"> <br>
    128 megs of dram 100mhz<br>
    18gig hdd<br>
    Sundblaster 64 or something like that. <br>
    70 amp sound system with 2 wolfers.<br>
    17 inch moniter<br>
    color scaner and printer<br>
    joystick i use in games that are choppy because of my <IMG SRC="smileys/puke.gif"> ati.<br>
    ati rage pro AGP 2x (despite the long name, it sucks)<br>
    52x cdrom<br>
    And some games made in 98-99 are still chopy. Can anyone tell me why? Also, what is a good card i should buy? &lt;a href="mailto<IMG SRC="smileys/sticktongue.gif">; tell me.&lt;/a&gt;
  4. Don Halcon

    Don Halcon Guest

    To the bum complaining about the Rage Pro: Even world leaders make mistakes. Get a Radeon and stop whining.<br>
    To the other two bums whining about framerates in Counterstrike:<br>
    The human eye can only percieve between 24 and 30 fps. Even if you're stuck at 30, if your monitor is set at a decent refresh, you can't tell the difference between 30 fps and 72 fps. So stop your whining and get a decent monitor. Your problem could also be your processors or your OS settings. Certain settings in the OS will affect game throughput. Your system bus might suck if your PCI controller isn't very good -- check your motherboard and BIOS settings. Are you using a PCI card or an AGP? Is it AGP, AGP 2X, or AGP 4X? Sound cards can also cause slow throughput on the bus - shitty or software-based cards can cause problems. Basically, the point I'm getting at is, it's not a problem anyway, and there are a lot of things on your system that might suck that ATI can't do a d@mn thing about. So stop whining and play.

  5. LemonTea

    LemonTea Guest

    the prob would not be 24-30 frames, the prob is if it dips under that in intense action. i get from 30 all the way up to 99 in cs (sorry guyz, i use geforce2, but i'm interested in buying a radeon le). <br>
    what are the max frames you guyz can get in cs? try looking at the floor, that generally gives the max frames.

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