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Discussion in 'nVHardPage' started by chun, Jul 23, 2003.

  1. chun

    chun Guest

    it says im in pci mode and agp is disabled !!

    ive over clocked it 10gpu and 20mem
    and i also put reforce1.1 on and fixed refresh rates with that b4 i put hardpage on
    and i ran performance wizard
    the clock speeds seem ok and the refresh rate is ok

    but i need 4X agp back
    im pretty sure it was 4x b4
  2. chun

    chun Guest

    the agp options state

    unknown AGP 0.0 max request depth 1


    nvidia gpu :agp 3.0 (8x4x2x1x)


    max request depth :1

    and it wont let me move the slider
    next to slider it says agp disabled

    and in hardware options

    it says mainboard chipset unavailable (its sis)
    agp rate : pci mode, side band : addressing disabled
    and i cant tick the box to activate the slider to manually change the agp
    and ive looked in bios and cant see any agp allthough ill have another look
    so if no one can help whats the best way to remove all ofit
    so i can try again whithout reforce
  3. Matuus

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    if you have now reduced performance, its problem, but if you have same performance like with agp 4x enabled, its "ok".

    So, try reinstall your motherboard and graphic card (and eventually DirectX) drivers.
  4. chun

    chun Guest

    seems to be ok since i put dets back on then put sisagp driver on
    it went back to 4X :D
    and then i overclocked it and fixed refresh now it all seems OK
    thanx for replying :)
    looks like u where on the button.:cool:

  5. chun

    chun Guest

    has any one had this happen in win 2000

    screen flashes black..
    for maybe 3 seconds max

    and when desktop returns theres a chance of visual corruption.

    because ive formatted countless times because ofit

    each time i format i install everthing in diffrent order,
    this time it was sorted with even service pack 4 on

    but now ive put the sisagp on its come back

    win 98 was allways unstable but atleast it worked most of the time.

    win2000 is rock solid but if i dont install the right software it sends it mad!

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