Ageia Physx and Windows 7

Discussion in 'Videocards vs General Purpose - NVIDIA Ageia PhysX' started by RamsesII, Jun 21, 2009.

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    K.. got the card working in Windows 7 32 bit OS.. but i recently switched to the x64 version and now the drivers won't install - not even with the Win XP compatibility mode :p

    Anyone managed to get the card working on Win 7 x64?

    Drivers used:
    old PPU 2.40 physx drivers - Nogo, only the console and runtime get installed but not the drivers.
    Geforce 191.00.
    Physx 9.09.814

    The only older Physx drivers i have are the 9.04.08_9.09.408 (signed April/07/2009)
    And 9.04.428 (signed April/28/2009)

    Nevermind, i got it working, as Jonas suggested, by installing 8.09.04 Physx drivers and install the last version on top of them - Thanks Jonas :rock:

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