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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Guest, Dec 13, 2000.

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    I loaded AoE Gold on PC - AMD 166 Mhz, Win 98, Tseng ET4000/W32P PCI graphics card with 2Mb memory, Creative Labs Vibra 128 sound card, 64 Mb Ram. Gameplay freezes after only few minutes. I have all the latest drivers for hardware. I downloaded Age of Kings Trial and that game works fine! Is this a hardware problem or a problem with Windows 98 not being compatible with AoE I? Microsoft technical help did not help!
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    Hi Emp,<BR>Don't automatically assume a glitch. While it may be possible, I would look closer to home first.<BR>I hesitate to bring this up in this forum, but, has your 166 been rock solid up until the loading of AoE? I assume your machine is about 4 years old? How's your fans? Have you ever cleaned the dust out of the cooling fins? ALL AMD processors run hot. Not just Athlons and Durons.<BR>Point One: Check cooling.<BR>What about your Windows installation? Is it over two years old? Do you install a lot of apps? Did you install 98 fresh, or did you upgrade a two year old installation of 95 and grandfather all of 95's problems?<BR>Point two: Clean up your OS.<BR>Did you know that Power supplies weaken over time? But the same is true of all electronic devices. While it is true that AMD has made astounding advances in quality control lately and are currently THE Hot proccessor manufacturer... Well, that was <I>FAR</I> from true when your processor was made.<BR>Point three: Even if you can't afford to buy that Ghz machine, upgrades are getting cheaper all the time. At the very least, Check out your motherboard and see if it will support an Intel 200 MMX. They're really cheap now and a <B>WHOLE LOT</B> better that your 166.<P>Good luck,<BR>Merctech

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