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Discussion in 'MSI AfterBurner Overclock Application Discussion' started by Y0!, Oct 27, 2019.

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    Hi! Since for some unknown reason all sticked suggestions threads are closed long ago, I'm creating a new one.

    Look at the monitoring settings. The majority of those which are related to CPU threads are redundant. For example, second threads of each core don't have their own temperature, power and clock, they just duplicate the values of their respective cores (CPU2 and CPU4 always have the same values as CPU1 and CPU3, etc.). But they still take their space in the monitoring and thus you need to disable them manually since they're simply useless.

    So my suggestion is that they should be removed. Windows knows which are physical cores and which are just "virtual" ones (Hyper-Threading/SMT), I suppose MSI Afterburner knows it too, so once it detects that half of "cores" are in fact not physical cores - it should remove them from monitoring.
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    Nope, bad idea, sorry. Those who don't need it can always disable it. But those who do need it for improving OSD readability won't be able to get them back if I remove them.
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    And sometimes you want to monitor logical core usage, which is different from physical cores (=are logical cores used properly / at all / are physical cores favored and so on).

    It's not too much trouble really to configure OSD to show all cores but only enable Usage for logical cores and temperature, usage and frequency for physical ones etc.

    Not least as settings stick between version updates, as long as you remember to keep settings when uninstalling old version.

    The customization is there so everyone can set up the OSD as they like, which is better than having hardcoded layouts.
    (In the time you started this thread you could have configured your OSD and be done with it).
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    @AsiJu: You seem to have misunderstood the meanings of "physical core" and "logical core".

    If you have simultaneous multithreading in a CPU core (Intel's trademark is Hyper-Threading), each physical core is presented as two logical cores (or more; up to 8 for IBM's POWER architecture). All logical cores are equal - none of them are any more "physical" than their pair, and the actual physical cores will be hidden behind the SMT abstraction.

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