After hours testing... Watch Dogs (E3 Bloom effect working)

Discussion in 'Game Tweaks and Modifications' started by TheWorse, Jun 12, 2014.

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  1. TheWorse

    TheWorse Guest

    TheWorse Watch Dogs Modification​

    This is the result of my obsession and my try to be like the greatest (iCEnhancer, MalDo, etc) those guys are genius, and I'll always say the same thing: I'm just a novice.



    UPDATE 19/06

    A user called NEOGLOW (THANK YOU FOR THE DEDICATION) made a more elaborate installation process and description of the mod!

    UPDATE 20/06

    Guide for the mod updated by Omnominator to be more readable

    Where can I download the mod?

    There is currently no official release of this mod confirmed to be compatible with the latest version of Watch Dogs.

    Version 0.8 - Download Link

    The older version (0.6) can be found here.

    What does the mod do?

    Included in this mod(not all features are available yet):

    • Changes to the default fog values
    • Enabled bokeh DOF for the main cameras
    • Stuttering Improvements
    • E3 2012 Bloom
    • Performance Improvements
    • Enabled Headlight Shadows
    • LoD Changes
    • Reflection changes
    • Added 3 new cameras to the game(closer, normal, further)
    • Rain changes(High quality rain drops, properly reacting to light, etc)
    • LensFlares(WIP)
    • Lighting changes(TESTING AND WIP)
    • Civilians density changes

    And many more things.. SOON.

    How do I install the mod?

    • Download your chosen mod version (0.6 or 0.7) from the links above.
    • Use a program such as Winzip, WinRAR, 7-Zip, Windows built in unzipper or your preferred program to extracted the downloaded zip file.
    • Once extracted, you will find 3 folders, they are called:

    Closer Camera
    Far Camera
    Normal Camera​

    The names of the folders above mean the distance the camera is away from the character (Aiden Pearce). So, the Closer Camera means the camera view is closer to Aidens
    back/shoulder, Far camera means it is further away so you see more of Aidens body and Normal Camera is the normal default view.​

    • Choose the folder that matches the camera view you want.
    • Inside you will find 2 files - patch.dat and patch.fat (If there is another folder in here called patch_unpack, I think you can ignore it as the only 2 files you need are patch.dat and patch.fat.
    • Copy and Paste these two files into the folder called data_win64 that is in your Watch Dogs install directory. For example C:\ProgramFiles\Ubisoft\WATCH_DOGS or whereever you have the game installed on your computer. So to clarify, the 2 files need to go into the data_win64 folder. You will notice there are many .dat and .fat files already in there from when the game was installed.
    • (Optional step) TheWorse designed this mod with the Ultra setting in mind to recreate the visuals from what was seen at E3 2012.
    • To recreate this quality of graphics, the Ultra setting is recommended.

    It should be noted that many - if not all - of his mods will still work in the other graphics settings too, eg, Low, Medium and High. These 'overall' graphics settings of Low, Medium, High and Ultra is the first option in the Advanced Graphic Settings in the Main Menu in Watch Dogs.

    You can turn off the depth of field in-game just like you could before.

    You can also edit the GamerProfile.xml file found in C:\Users\(username)\Documents\My Games\Watch_Dogs\(long number)\GamerProfile.xml with Notepad, Notepad ++ or your
    chosen program if required but Im not 100% sure if this is required. Follow these steps:

    • Open GamerProfile.xml with a text editor such as Notepad or Notepad ++.
    • Find the line that begins <RenderProfile (it should be the 3rd line down from the top).
    • On this line you will find Quality="xxx"
    • Instead of "xxx" you will see either "low", "medium", "high", "ultra" or "_runtime"
    • Change this value to Ultra. For example, change Quality="_runtime" to Quality="ultra"
    • Save the file and exit.
    • Launch the game.

    As I said earlier, the above step may not be necessary to all users but when you change the Quality="xxx" value, you are simply using a different method to change the 1st option
    in the Advanced Graphic Settings in the Main Menu in Watch Dogs. Eg, you could just do it ingame rather than editing the GamerProfile file.

    If you are experiencing some problems, after copying the 2 mod files (patch.dat and patch.fat) to the data_win64 folder. Try deleting the GamerProfile.xml file before launching
    the game as this will force the game to rebuild the .xml file. Use the ingame Advanced Graphic Settings to change the 1st option to Ultra.

    Do I need SweetFX?

    SweetFX is a seperate tool to TheWorse's mod but it can make the game look better. With TheWorse's mod in the vanilla game it does look a lot better but with SweetFX, it can look
    even better still. You have to remember that TheWorse has altered grpahical features in the Watch Dogs game engine, for example: enabling dynamic shadows in vehicle headlights etc.
    SweetFX can alter things such as Brightness, Contrast, Gamma and many other things and works with all games, not just Watch Dogs. So to make Watch Dogs look more realistic and work
    alongside TheWorse's mod, download a SweetFX preset of your choice and use it.

    How are people making these artisitc screenshots in Watch Dogs?

    The Cheat Engine is a program that allows players to manipulate a game whilst playing, it is basically the same as a 'Trainer' but with the Cheat Engine people can create custom
    made Cheat Tables (.ct files) to do different things. For example, enabling 'freecam' so you can move around the game world and see your character from different angles instead of
    the default view behind Aiden Pearces shoulder. It can do so many other things but it needs someone to know how to find these abilites and share the Cheat Table with others so they
    can use it also.

    A forum member on Guru3D - jim2point0 - made a Cheat Table for Watch Dogs and it can be downloaded here:
    This cheat table allows users to change the FOV, move the camera freely, pause the ingame world and change the time of day.

    To actually use the Cheat Table in Watch Dogs you first need to get it working.
    jim2point0 has kindly made a guide for his Cheat Table, it can be found here:

    I also recommend you search on Google or Youtube etc to find a guide on using Cheat Tables you have downloaded for a game for future reference.






    Funny how mods think I beg for donations.
    And instead of editing the post you can send me a private message to tell me why, Just saying!

    Thanks for all your support I highly appreciate every comment.

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  2. fragba1t

    fragba1t Guest

    Neat! Looks good.
  3. Nice! I need this!
  4. Techio

    Techio Guest


  5. LambertoKevlar

    LambertoKevlar Member Guru

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    Asus Gtx Titan
    sure i want to try this,maybe you should cooperate with Kadzai
  6. drandiiski

    drandiiski Maha Guru

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    Good thing there are Ubisoft and the likes to make technically crappy games, because some people will just die from boredom if it was down to gameplay to amuse them. No offence.
  7. CryZENx

    CryZENx Guest

    nice ! that is a real improvement :):banana:
  8. Netherwind

    Netherwind Ancient Guru

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    Well done mate!
  9. TheWorse

    TheWorse Guest

    Thank you guys, I'll continue updating this as I discover more of the game engine. Here is the shader so you guys can see the difference. Keep in mind is just the bloom. If you guys want I can make a xml settings for stuttering fixes that I know so far, I can make different configs so you can try and see how it works for you.

    Edit: Here it is

    Decompress and place the patch.dat and patch.fat inside the data_win64 folder.
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  10. Maliris

    Maliris Guest

    Please post the download files, if you don't mind. Really want to try it myself. :banana: Thanx for sharing!

  11. william456

    william456 Guest

    Glad to see you and kadzait24 in guru3d

    maybe you two can work together.

    and want to try this too
  12. Radikalman

    Radikalman Guest

    Wow that looks great imo. Good job dude, keep at it! :)

  13. THX! Gonna try this when i get home from work in 2.5 hours :D :D :D *dances* :banana:
  14. LambertoKevlar

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    tried,it's really wonderful,there are no other words but maybe the effect is a bit too strong
  15. TheWorse

    TheWorse Guest

    Yeah it's strong but there are other presets that i'm going to test to see differences. I also have to learn more about binhex, my head literally melts when I open one of those files. I'm not a modder, but I'll do what I can to make it look better.

  16. play2lose

    play2lose Guest

    Looks good! Keep it up.

    I think the huge difference between the E3 demos and the release is the fog effect. It really added so much to the atmosphere in the E3 demos that kind've gave it that next-gen look, hoping you can get that back in there!

    Also if you could share your XML files that would be nice! I currently run the game at all ultra settings 1080p w/temporal SMAA (R9 290 4GB)
  17. LambertoKevlar

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    you're working to make the game better then you are a modder :) great job
  18. Techio

    Techio Guest

    While the bloom is damn good, I agree that it is a bit too strong and sometimes flicker midly. I guess that's why they took it out?
    Anyway, I noticed that in Kadzait24's mod 3.0, it had the headlights on cars improved that there is actual lighting emitting from the headlights and not the ground. This mod removed it. I'm guessing it was the two patch files that caused the effect.
  19. LambertoKevlar

    LambertoKevlar Member Guru

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    they should work together
  20. TheWorse

    TheWorse Guest

    are you talking about this lighting?


    You can see it's emitting from the headlights.

    Maybe you tested at a different time. But I'll see if I find the same error.

    About the flickering I didn't experience that, and I don't think its the shader but maybe your particle config or something in the gameprofile.xml unless you are using complete vanilla with this shader

    EDIT: My settings available to download if you guys want to.
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