After disinstalled Bitdefender Internet security (paid version), now I cannot install the free versi

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    Hi, I'm Cesare and I type from Bologna (Italy).

    I have a PC with the Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview - Build 21322.rs_prerelease.210220-1651 version installed.
    I have an Intel i9 10900k, 64 gb of memory at 3600 mhz, an Nvidia graphic card rtx 3070, some sdd disk and one V-NAND SSD 970 EVO Plus NVme M.2 of 1 TB.

    I have installed, some days ago, Bitdefender free 2021 version without problem.

    Last year I have bought Bitdefender Internet Security 2020 and I had installed it in my Samsung laptop, then I uninstalled it because it was too heavy and slowed down my laptop, as well as being difficult to manage.

    This year on my new home PC (a completly new one that had never seen onone Bitdefender program versions) I installed the free version of Bitdefender 2021, I used it for a while and it was fine, then I thought about installing the paid version of Bitdefender Internet Security that I bought in 2020.

    So I uninstalled the version of Bitdefender free 2021 and I installed the version of Bitdefender Internet Security that I bought in 2020, without any problems.

    After some days I realized that it was too complicated to manage, so I wanted to uninstall it and re-install the version of Bitdefender Free 2021 which is much faster and lighter to manage.

    So I uninstalled the paid version of Bitdefender Internet Security Defender purchased in 2020 to install the free version of Bitdefender 2021.

    The problem is that once the paid version was uninstalled it was no longer possible to install the free one, because the system said that the Bitdefender Agent it was still installed and active (is a part of the program)

    I downloaded from your site all the programs versions to remove the paid version of Bitdefender Internet Security 2020, but when I tried to install Bitdefender free 2021 version, it was not possible because the installation program told me that the Bitdefender Agent iwas still active and installed an did not let me install the free version olf the program, so now I am blocked and I have spent a lot of time trying all the uninstaller downloaded from your site, but now I am blocked and Icould not install the Bitdefender 2021 free version.

    Honestly I don't know what to do, surely Bitdefender has corrupted something in my Windows 10 installation, and also your uninstall programs are all identical: nothing change in the various versions of the uninstallers: any program version of the same year has the same uninstaller.

    Please try to help me and find a way to simply install Bitdefender 2021 free version.
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    Hello and welcome here Cesare.

    Bitdefender has a control panel, some kind of web interface where you can see and manage your computers who have the software installed and running Bitdefender Agent.

    Usually, you unlink or delete a machine from that control panel first, then you completely uninstall the software by using a third-party software, like Revo uninstaller who is able to completely uninstall and eliminate registry.

    So, if you had an email and a Bitdefender account, access it and see if you can delete the machine from there.
    Download Revo uninstaller and use it and remove all Bitdefender Agent or related software.
    Reboot and try to install the free version.

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