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    Evga GTX-580
    Hello all, new to forums and looking for some input.
    I want to upgrade my speakers/audio. My sound card is onboard my Classified 3. I have had no issues with my audio so far.

    My question is i want to buy some good speakers, shoud i get a new sound card also?
    I am considering these

    Both around a $100, wich would leave me $50 for a sound card or case fans.

    Or i could get these for a little more.

    Any experience input would be great!
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    XFX 5870@stock
    i would get the speakers first most defiantly. that will make the biggest difference. you should be more then fine with onboard just for listening music. i find dedicated sound does offer a cleaner sound and is a must of doing recordings due to major latency issues with onboard but just sitting back listening to music you be fine with proper software like foobar.

    i tested multiple amps,speakers and headphones on my onboard sound on my computer and heard a difference between each pairing immediately. just recording you will notice massive issues with clipping and so forth. as long as you don't plan on recording yourself you be fine. also a cheap soundcard like the turtle beach riviera for 28 bucks be more then great. i use to use that for recording for crystal clear wav files.

    i would get the m-audio's due to they use a silk dome tweeter. i love silk dome tweeters due to how smooth they sound when they extend in higher frequency ranges and don't give any brightness whatsoever unless the recording was bright. i also love the dispersion on and off axis of domes. due to their small size they give a very wide dispersion which can give you a wider and more accurate soundstage if sitting slightly off axis.

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