Advice For New Build ( $1500 Budget )

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Mechwarrior419, Oct 17, 2019.

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    Hello everyone.

    About a year ago my AIO exploded and leaked all over my components.

    Fortunately I still have a functioning case, psu, ram, peripherals, and monitor

    What I need to get the system up and running again is a new GPU, CPU, Mainboard, CPU Cooler, and an internal HDD.

    Luckily around the beginning of next month Ill have about 1400-1500 disposable income and would like to get my system up and running again.

    So here is what I Was thinking

    CPU: i7-9700k
    GPU: GTX 2700
    CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i
    HDD: Any cheap 7200rpm 1TB drive will do.

    What do you guys think.
    The system is mainly used for gaming.
    Also I have have a 144HZ gsync panel so I like to keep the framerate at 100fps or higher.

    Any ways I would really appreciate everyones input on the matter.
    Thanks a bunch gurus.
  2. These days, not using an SSD is seriously gimping your performance. can get a 1 tb sata ssd for the same price as a good hdd. MSI RTX 2070, 9700k, h100i, 1tb samsung 860 pro for $1291.72 on newegg.
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    as @SweenJM suggested - Get an SSD or M.2 for Windows.
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    Recent games are not forgiving HDD anymore and do fetch data while in-game.
    So you can have all fancy CPU and GPU, but once there something that need to be loaded, you will lag for a good amount of time.

    I'd suggest to get at least 512GB SSD for OS and games you play frequently.

    Specs looks fine.
    Do you really want to buy another AIO this time? Did AIO vendor covered up the cost of the incident?
    To me, AIO is the ticking bomb, so many things can go wrong. First thing that will go wrong is pump.
    The worst thing is, you might not notice it and your hardware will run very hot, due to water not being circulated.

    Having big decent air cooler is much safer, even if fan fails to spin, the heatsink will dispose heat passively.
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    Suggest getting rid of that AIO, unless you want a repeat of what happened before. Pick up an Noctua NH-D15 Chromax Black instead if you don't like the silver version. If you have problems with the memory height, just pick up a 120mm black Noctua fan for the memory side. RTX 2070 will be fine at 1080p, but not at 1440p. I have 1440p monitors, and the 2070 just did not make the cut. had to get 2080 Super, and some games it struggles then at high settings. Also, using 9700k. Agree with an SDD, or M.2 drive.

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