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    if bilinear was default, pretty sure everyone would notice the ugly image (which i recall on my x800 with omega drivers, enabling such optimizations ended up in me seeing the bilinear filtering)
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    do a finding before talking...HQ AF still works up to hd7000 series...just enable it and notice the fps my system i always have all options including this.
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    Screen shots showcasing this, would be nice.
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    I have toggled it to on before and I never noticed any dramatic difference in visual quality, nor any negative effect to my framerate.

    Just checked all the settings in the registry. Toggling the High Quality AF button in the CCC simply turns the value of the AreaAniso to 31 00 from 30 00.

    I'm running some benchmark (just 3dMark11 and 3dMark6 to test Directx11 and Directx9) to see if it effects anything there. These are all one and done runs, I'm not running it 3 times and averaging the results. Too much work :)

    • 3dMark11 with AreaAniso set to 0 (HQ AF in CCC toggled OFF)= 8612
    • 3dMark11 with AreaAniso set to 1 (HQ AF in CCC toggled ON) = 8620
    Neglible. Seems there is no effect in Directx11.
    • 3dMark06 with AreaAniso set to 0 (HQ AF in CCC toggled OFF) = 32011
    • 3dMark06 with AreaAniso set to 1 (HQ AF in CCC toggled ON) = 32080
    Neglible. Seems also no effect in Directx9.

    Now, this is with a 7950 which has a revamp AF process as part of the package, so it may be it does *not* effect me.

    Since there is the HighQualityAF entry in the registry, perhaps in previous drivers this toggle also enabled/disabled that. Right now, all that toggle in CCC does in enable/disable the AreaAniso.

    Hmm, lets see.
    Quick run of 3dMark11 and 06 with both the AreaAniso and the HighQualityAF entries in the registry set to 0.
    • 3dMark11 with both HighQualityAF and AreaAniso set to 0 = 8612
    • 3dMark06 with both HighQualityAF and AreaAniso set to 0 = 32698/32168
    Well, I did lose some in 3dMark06 with the HighQualityAF set to zero on the first run. That seemed weird so I reran it and got dorkier results. 3dMark06 is almost always around 32000 normally, so something is up.

    For visual testing, 3dMark probably isn't the best to test AF values for overall effect. I think TrackMania United was the one people used before to show the problem with ATI Anisotropic filtering before becuase of the mesh textures for part of the roadways.

    Still, at least with a 7950 enabling the HighQualityAF toggle (AreaAniso On) doesn't seem to effect the framerate in any neglible fashion. Same goes for the actual HighQualityAF registry entry.

    I would have to do some testing with a game like Skyrim to see if there was any real in game effect. Pain in the butt though. I did do that to determine that SSAA blurred the textures on my 6950 :)

    If you have some screenshots showing the difference, that would be good. Perhaps you can show your findings.


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    AMD RADEON HD 6430m
    "Display Color" missing in "My Digital Flat-Panels"

    Hello everybody,

    My CG is "AMD RADEON HD 6430m", my OS is Windows 7, and my drivers are up to date.

    In CCC, in the menu "My Digital Flat-Panels", I don't see the submenu "Display Color", so I can't access the settings "Saturation" and "Hue".

    I don't understand why the submenu "Display Color" is missing.

    Please, can you help me !:bang:
    Maybe, a tweak exists to make this submenu appears ?

    Thank you for your help.
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    What version and which drivers did you use and from where?
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