Acer x34 +16:9 issues

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    first, sorry for my bad english. I am from Germany.

    I bought the Acer x34 with Gsync yesterday.

    It is really a fun Monitor. But i have a problem.

    i knew that some games do not support 21:9.

    Black Ops 3 or for example looks very stretched. So i managed it in Nvidia Driver to run the lower resolution 2560x1440 with black bars on both sides.

    This looks now like my Asus pg278q before.

    But there is a problem. It looks a little bit stretched up and down. Enemies and my weapon are looking thinner then they should be.

    In Far Cry Primal i set the resolution to 2560x1440, too.
    Because i like to have some more frames in this game. And there is the same problem. The Minimap in game for example isn´t round. It looks more like an egg.

    I really dont know what the problem is. Shouldn´t the monitor scale correctly in this resolution with black bars on the side?!

    I hope someone can understand my problem and is going to answer me. I am really in love with this x34 but if i can´t fix the resolution scaling, i will send it back.

    Thank you for your help in advance.

    Many greetings
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