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Absolute beginner

Discussion in 'nVHardPage' started by KeYsEr_SoZe, Nov 20, 2002.

  1. KeYsEr_SoZe

    KeYsEr_SoZe Guest

    Ok I'm new to this, I've checked out a lot of the articles but I'm still unsure of my first move, I was going to benchmark first then check any differences I made but where do I start??
    Where do I dload benchmarking software and should I use the standard graphic drivers or leaked 1's???

    Any assistance appresiated....:)
  2. KeYsEr_SoZe

    KeYsEr_SoZe Guest

    :O Doh ok found where to dload it lol:O
  3. KeYsEr_SoZe

    KeYsEr_SoZe Guest

    :O Ok now I see that the question was a bit too much in one go so I'll check into things more and come back here when I get too the tweaking stage:D now then wheres the benchmark forum??
  4. KeYsEr_SoZe

    KeYsEr_SoZe Guest

    hmm I appear to be talking to myself again:D

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