About the viewsonic V3D241wm 3D Monitor

Discussion in '3D Stereo and VR Gaming Section' started by methanol88, May 26, 2011.

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    Hey, i m considering buying this monitor: ViewSonic V3D241wm

    It has support for AMD 3D and i have really good cards for it as well. Thing is i havent found a good review about this model, apart from one that says its not really great. I dont care about its design or its shutter glasses design/wired, i just want to be able to play 3d games and watch 3d movies with good quality. Anyone that has the monitor or can link me 1-2 good reviews of it?

    Also, TriDef or IZ3D? i heard TriDef has slower updates but better quality and IZ3D more frequent updates but millions of bugs.


    PS. Not going 3D is not an option, i like it

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