About the CrystalDiskMark tests on Guru3D : Q32T16 vs Q32T1 !?

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    I wanted to choose between the Sabrent Rocket 4 2TiB and the Samsung 980Pro 2TiB.

    In the Sabrent test, we can see the 980Pro 1TiB is outperforming everyone in the third line /:
    3435 versus 748 => the Sabrent seems toasted in this particular test.
    In fact, the test isn't the same : It's Q32T16 for the 980Pro and Q32T1 for the Sabrent Rocket 4 !

    We can see than in the screenshots below, for all SSD with 3-thousands in this line, it's Q32T16, and for the others it's Q32T1.

    Honestly, I know I'm at fault for not seeing that immediately, and you emphasize enough int he test that this is the PCMark 8 one that is the more representative of the real world perf ; but you should really write a warning in the description line in the top of the page.
    I genuinely thought at first that Samsung had developed some specific technology that kicks-in in some particular use case.

    Another thought :
    What is baffling is that although the Sabrent seems better in almost all synthetic benchmarks, if we take the "real world file copy" test, which seems to me more what I would do with the disk, the 980Pro is better :
    But, I would not know that if I didn't go read the 980Pro test because there is no comparison table for this test.
    That's a shame.

    Thank you for your time.

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