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    It would be nice to be able to set a frame time instead of a frame rate in RTSS. Or, alternatively, fractional FPS values.

    Currently, you can only enter whole FPS values. "60" for example means the limiter uses "16.667ms". My suggestion is to be able to enter a frame time directly.

    The use case is that in order to reduce input lag with vsync on, setting the limiter to 1FPS below refresh rate introduces too much microstutter. Furthermore, people with 59.94Hz monitors don't get any benefit at all. A 60FPS setting in RTSS doesn't have much affect on input lag with those monitors, if at all. And a setting of 59FPS will result in too much microstutter.

    The workaround here is to change the refresh rate using CRU. For example, instead of the default 60.00Hz (or 59.94Hz on many monitors), changing it to 60.02Hz and then setting a 60FPS limit in RTSS reduces input lag by quite a bit, and microstutter is kept in check, as duplicated frames only occur very rarely after several seconds.

    However, changing the refresh rate has a negative impact on other things, such as playback of 29.97FPS and 59.94FPS video.

    So, long story short, it would be extremely useful to be able to configure the frame limit on a frametime basis (or fractional FPS values.)
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