A Riva TNT problem no one on earth seems to know how to solve

Discussion in 'RivaTuner Advanced Discussion forum' started by Guest, Feb 2, 2001.

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    Please Riva God... save me from this hell..<P>I have a P2350, Intel 440BX motherboard, 128 mg ram, Intel PCI NIC, and Riva TNT AGP...<P>All drivers and bios are updated (although it never made any difference -- crashed before, crashes now...)<P>The problem: 3d games run just fine when I remove the NIC card from the machine. BUT 3d games crash hard (total freeze) when I try to run games with NIC card installed (doesn't matter which PCI slot it's in)<P>There is no apparant IRQ conflict.... I'm at a complete loss.<P>Any help/suggestions are most appreciated. I'm starting to think it's a motherboard hardware fault.<P>Thanks!<BR>Gordon
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    Try to change NIC driver, or install other network controller.
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    Thanks for the help!<P>I've already tried two different NICs with two different sets of drivers... no difference<P>Aaaargghhhh<P>
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    Use a ISA NIC card and your problem is solved, I play lan quake, delta force land warrior, and the connection speeds are ok with my ISA card.<BR>TNT2 ULTRA + 3com 3c509b nic card<BR>

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    Does your system have enough power supply ?(sorry, I don`t know the english word for german "Netzteil")I hope you know what I think of... <br>
    Your Riva TNT needs much power and I think that there is no more for<br>
    your Intel NIC PCI card left. Because of this, some older mobo`s<br>
    don`t work with TNT/TNT2. <IMG SRC="smileys/hot.gif">
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    Jonathan could be right (I had that problem with my old K6/2).<br>
    If you have an old AT psu lying around, run all your drives off of that and see if it sorts the problem.<br>
    If it does buy a beefier psu. A nice big Enermax 500Watt beasty...nice!<br>
    Of course if you own a proprietry pc (ie Packard Bell, Compaq etc) you're screwed. Get yourself some Alienware!

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