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    Hey I've been doing the ULPS tweak by opening up the registry, searching for 'enableulps' and changing the first 2 'enableulps' entries to '0'. Basically what alot of guides tell you to do. I've found some that say change every entry but I've found the majority to only specify the first 2 entries.

    Well by accident I somehow didnt change the second entry, after realising this and testing it on two different laptops with APU's and their paired d/GPU's (rx460 & 7670m) so both asynchronous xfire, it removed ALL blips and stutters, increased fps and REDUCED temps hugely.

    especially on the 7670m laptop which has 4 year old thermal paste and would hit 80C+ on the CPU running a 720p youtube video.

    I was wondering if I've been doing it wrong all these years and its only the first ULPS entry that should be modified instead of the first 2 as the performance, temps and smoothness of gameplay are night and day compared to changing the 2 ULPS entries.

    If anyone could confirm any of this gibberish I would be eternally grateful.

    take care, stay safe

    EDIT: sorry if this is in the wrong forum, the drivers forum looked like more driver releases news and things like that.

    EDIT 2: I'm starting to think that these two ULPS reg entries are the old ATI crossfire settings - Enabled/Disabled crossfire settings that were located in the old ATI control panel. The first entry seems like disabled crossfire mode where it was alot smoother with the second entry being the enabled crossfire mode where it had more horsepower for higher graphics settings and higher resolutions but only really worked on crossfire optimized games, crysis 2 was one it worked really well.

    I dont exactly know what the crossfire setting actually did as both cards were utilised whatever you chose but I kept it on disabled as it played alot smoother with lower temps, exactly what only changing the first ulps reg entry does. changing both ulps entries to 0 creates alot more heat just like the enabled crossfire option so it seems like this may be where alot of people are getting stuttering issues as the similarities b etween the two old crossfire modes and the first 2 reg entries is uncanny.

    sorry if this is old news. I googled around and couldnt find anything on just changing the first entry specifically, only changing both.
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