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    Hey guys, you know how if you're not a hardcore user and you go just 1 year without reading up, you can forget pretty much everything you learned? Well, that's kinda happened with me, so please; if you help me out with an answer here, explain it like I haven't been paying attention for a year or so...

    Allright, so I have a trusty old 5870m, which is in my Asus G73 laptop... Now all of these cards including the 5000 series (whether they're mobile or not), have been moved to legacy status, right? Which means that officially, AMD's current driver releases won't support anything newer than the 6000 series or whatever, correct?

    Which means that if I want to use drivers that have been released since then, I have to make sure that I'm downloading a package that was specifically modded to support my card, which I can usually find out by the poster's "Supported Cards" section, if included... Otherwise, I'd have to either manually mod the driver package or use a tool like Mobility Modder, right?

    And lastly, are any modern driver releases truly beneficial to a card like the 5870m, considering they're not officially supported in the releases? If so, is that only when specific games are optimized in a release? Or can a card like the 5870m actually benefit in the "overall" sense (performance, efficiency) from these modern releases?

    Final question (c'mon, you knew it was coming): Is there an "optimal" driver for the 5870m in anyone's opinion, or does it just depend on everything else, like trading performance among certain games?

    Thanks... It's hard to jump back into a topic like this if you haven't been paying attention for a long time.
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    HD 5000 Series Graphic Cards are still currently supported by AMD, however this only applies to Graohic Cards that do not function together with a Legacy GPu such as the HD 4000, 3000 and 2000 Gpu.

    I think 5870m is currently supported thus you should proceed in downloading the latest Driver for your Gpu........Try the 13.6 mobility driver.

    AMD has spent their time optimizing drivers to reduce micro stuttering since 13.2 to improve the driver overall smoothness when playing games. Some users also experienced significant performance gains when playing games. I think you should try each driver before coming to a conclusions as to which is best for you. My current HD 5000 Graphic Seems to have taken a liking to the ATI 13.5 Beta 2 Dx9 Driver.....performance felt a lot smoother when using the driver with an old CPU.
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