A post to thank you all. Plus join me on DOTA!

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    I am happy to be part of Guru3d, this place has helped me understand my PC much better. While I've went to outside sources (google) to find things, it is largely due to me trying to be pro-active learning about my PC. Not just signing up and then asking redundant questions all you experts have answered 100xs over. I still make mistakes and ask some of those questions... ie missing that some of my questions were in my MOBO manual. DOH!:stewpid:

    However, I have DEFINITELY discovered a new hobby. One that I know I won't grow out of.Gaming and now PC enthusiast building. This isn't a phase. I've loved computers and gaming since I was a child. I am 32 yrs of age and still it has not gotten old. I have loved it since I played Kings Quest, just so you have a idea here is a video of the beginning. It even shows DOS, talk about Nostalgia!


    So I would like to give a big thank you to this community, I have not been flamed, or any other comments chastising me for not knowing or asking dumb questions. I intend to stick around and continue to learn and also contribute in anyway I can.


    I game on DOTA regulalry, add me if you would like to party up.
    My handle is: I'mBack!

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