A must read article for Ryzen users at TPU " AMD Ryzen Memory Tweaking & Overclocking Guide "

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    Our friends at Techpowerup have posted as i believe one of the most important articles written in years for Ryzen cpu users , hence is a must read to understand the facts about incremental performance on this am4 platform when dialing the DDR4 Ram on your system. It was written by nonetheless the genius who made the Ryzen dram calculator @1usmus and back by W1zzard at TPU.

    The article is easy to read and understand and it tells you exactly how to squeeze the absolutely max performance of your Ryzen set up based on the correlation of infinity fabric and Ram tweaking/overclocking. I have done my own testing also and i can confirm these findings and back them up 100%. Ryzen users tweak away your systems for free performance to the max , pedal to the metal ! Thank you to 1usmus and W1zzard for such great article , indeed very welcome and really needed for the enthusiast community.

    Source: Techpowerup : https://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/AMD/Ryzen_Memory_Tweaking_Overclocking_Guide/
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    Would it be justifiable to mention that the tests were performed on Zen+ architecture where the RAM timings can likely be tighter than what's possible on Zen 1 on account of the lower CCX latency?

    I'd be game to take a gander, though I've been able to reach 3200,C12 and 3466,C14 with some BCLK boost (+2MHz) without *too* much fiddling around, thanks B-dies!

    anecdotes aside, it's an awesome guide, for sure!

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