A general question about GPU temps.

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    Hey Guru's :)

    With the purchase of my Radeon 5870 I'm a little paranoid about it breaking quickly like my Geforce 8800GTX did just outside of warranty. Granted, my 5870 has a 3year from Asus - I'm still a little paranoid.

    When I recently read about the famous 'oven trick' of re-heating to "resolder" the contacts for some cards this got me thinking.

    Surely, even if the GPU core is within it's limits when gaming, if the card is still pretty warm in general, over a year or two this is going to cause a problem?

    I know the GPU core can handle temps of 70-80 and probably beyond, but what is a good temperature for the actual PCB/solder joints? Will running games for several hours a day shorten the life of the card in general?

    I'm probably being paranoid, but I've noticed a trend for GFX cards of today to tie very quickly compared to old hardware - this trend seems to be common in the Xbox 360 and other hardware that runs at very warm temps.

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