A decentood spec barebones pc that's a good price.

Discussion in 'Hardware Reviews and News' started by SoulKlekta, Mar 22, 2003.

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    GF6600+ PCI-X 256MbDDR
    I recieved a pricelist from Micro-Direct and noticed that for £252.63inc VAT (£215exc VAT) a Shuttle SN41G2 SktA, Mini Aluminium Barebone system, c/w nForce2 DDR m/b +GF4 MX +TVout +LAN +6 ch.snd (30x20x19cm).

    Now for anyone thinking of a cheap upgrade this option ,or similiar would cut costs considerably if you replaced your existing case,mobo with an nForce2 gfx chip,o/b LAN and o/b 6.1 sound.
    How much does a PCI 6.1 sound and a lo-end GF4 card cost?,more than a couple of hundred beertokens?,I think so don't you?.

    As far as I know this particular system comes with a CD-ROM & floppy.Ideal for a small and portable gaming rig to take with you to LAN parties,you could fit the lot into a good sized sports bag!.

    I don't know about you but getting the gear home after a LAN party is always done the next morning,the gear is placed under secure lock & key and as we have our LANz in an upstairs roon in a hotel,we retreat to the bar after our fragging appetite has been replenished and made us thirsty ;)

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