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    So, prior to covid the M6 running past Birmingham carried 186000 vehicles a day. The busiest motor way in Europe. I was passing through that way in covid times and the traffic density was like they had turned back the clock to the late 60's. It was 5am, but still a Highley dynamic environment.
    In the distance I could see an animal on the carriage way. But what was it? A Dog, large cat, small deer and what was wrong with its head. As I got closer I could see it was a Fox and its head was covered in plastic and it could not see and was Highley stressed. Vehicles passed it on either side just missing it and throwing it into blind panic.
    I stopped my truck put on the hazards, checked mirrors, jumped out to assist the Fox.
    As if by magic the Fox moved from the centre of the M way to the green shoulder where again as if my magic it came my way. As It blundered by me I pinned it to the ground and removed the bag from its head ( Which was a family size bag of crisps or French fries) Upon removal the fox showed me that it had never been to the dentist and I narrowly missed his bite as I let him go to run off into the trees.
    His Fir felt really good and my hand was craving to feel it one more time as I jumped back into my truck and got on my way. :)
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    ^^^Very nicely done.:)
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    Well done! Foxes are quite cunning but not so much when it comes to escaping the allure of a bag of crisps.:eek: Maybe someone monitoring everything with the all-seeing M6 CCTV road camera system will put you on the internet...;)

    but...186.000 per day isn't even the busiest motorway in Europe, btw, although I'm sure it was ridiculously congested before corona. The A2 near Utrecht in NL already has/had 240,000 vehicles passing by...the A10 233,000...the A12 236,000...and the A4 280,000...insane.
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    Last paragraph sounded like an erotic novel.
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