A bit of help with public perception for my work?

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    I'd say my perception of nuclear power is generally pretty positive. I'd say about the same as something like hydro-electric, another under-utilized means, I feel, of energy production here in the United States. I wonder which of the two would get tied-up longer in the courts with endless injunctions, and a bazillion environmental-impact studies? I'd guess a new major hydro dam, but a new nuclear plant probably runs a close second. If we wanted to build something like the Hoover Dam, starting in 2021, it might get the go-ahead about the time the Sun reaches white-dwarf status.

    With regard to increased nuclear power usage, I'm fine with that. Albeit based on rather finite information. To "combat" climate change? Well, in order to prevent this thread from receiving the G3D Golden Padlock Award, just let's say I am a "conscientious objector" in that particular conflict, and leave it at that.

    Is there more I'd like to know? Absolutely. If the industry has an active public educational program up and running, post a link or three. I must caution that I will read between the lines, however. As in any endeavor, especially one seeking support from the masses, honesty and full-disclosure is essential. Just not commonly found.
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    Any chance that something useful might come out of all the billions poured into fusion?
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    I bet I could power a confusion plant pretty well.:p
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    Numbered the questions to make it easier.

    1) Cleaner and (at least in my country) I get the impression that it's also one of our more efficient ways of producing energy at the moment. They try to phase out nuclear power, but it results in having to import more power from other countries and even scheduled power outages for some areas.

    2) Yes, but keep it away from dangerous areas prone to natural disasters or social issues such as areas with high crime rates, etc. Basically minimize any risk as much as possible. Keep it away from densely populated areas. Though if I may add: if we have the ability to invest in other sources of energy, we still should, provided they're low carbon emission and efficient. More nuclear power shouldn't mean halting progress.

    3) More details about safety precautions, fail safes, ... basically anything regarding "safety". I recon the recent Chernobyl series also raised more concerns regarding this topic for most people.

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    How does that work - you put hundreds of confused ppl into a room and they confuse each other until critical mass confusion?
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