9900k vs 10900k vs wait upgrade opinions

Discussion in 'Processors and motherboards Intel' started by Trenchdog73, May 22, 2020.

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    I have been out of touch with the community for a while so would like to get some Input. I’m currently rocking a i7 6700k with a 2080ti and would like to upgrade my mobo/processor. I’m leaning toward the 9900k as my computers primary stresses are from gaming. It doesn’t seem that the 10900k is worth the price premium for the extra cores but a small voice in the back of my head keeps wishing about future proofing. So my main question is which to roll with between these two or hold fast and see what AMD has to offer in the not so distant future. Thanks I’m advance for your opinions.
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    I have a i6700k and 2080. I'm waiting.
    1.) New consoles will dictate how much power we need going forward.
    2.) Intel is still on the 14nm process and will be for another year 11 series will also be 14nm. Same process since our 6700k's which means little innovation.
    3.) I game in 4K. There's an average of 3 fps difference in 4k between my cpu and the 10900k. Let me state that again....3fps.
    4.) AMD offers some nice, true future proofing like pci-e 4.0 (more useful for storage than gpu for the foreseeable future though) and more cores/threads with the 3900x. That being said, the 4000 series is so close now it would make more sense to wait for that.
    5.) For the next year, you would probably see better gains in gaming by getting a 3080ti and keeping the 6700k.

    Upgrading your cpu/mobo now strictly for gaming is a waste of money. You'll kick yourself with a 9900K in a year.

    You will only notice an improvement in cpu through gaming if you play at 1080 or 1440. But again, with consoles going 4K, you're better off waiting so you can game at what consoles will be able to do at the very least.
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    I doubt it's worth it. OC that CPU as far as you can. I assume you're not playing on 1080p with a 2080ti. At 1440p with reasonable settings (i.e. Ultra-ish), almost all load should be on the GPU, with rare exceptions like CS:GO.
    Intel will probably release yet another 14nm CPU with Rocket Lake. There's just no point to these CPUs unless they're cheaper than AMD's at similar performance, because they suck more power. The last CPU that was somewhat worth it (personal opinion) was the 8700K, since i could buy mine cheaper than a Ryzen 1700 at the time, it can OC with ease instead of basically being released already OC-ed like the 9900K and 10900K, and the multicore performance (at least from CB) is similar to the 1700x, with better gaming performance. That was an OK offering. What they offer now is just pathetic.
    As for AMD, good CPUs, shame they OC so meh, shame that they downclock with undervolting, shame they don't have a iGPU in case your main one fails or for Premiere, but all these are mostly just quirks not serious flaws. At 1440p with a 2080ti, experience in gaming should be identical to Intel. But why bother when you'll get the 4000 series in just months? You can buy a 4900x or something, better IPC from rumors, refined 7nm process, lots of threads to future proof you.
    OC that 6700K to whatever you can, delid even if needed, it's fun to do and you're out of warranty anyway. And just wait for the 4000 series, since Intel's nowhere to be found with actual CPU innovation these days.
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    I also have this small voice in the back of my head but I try to mute it;)
    I have an i7700k+1080ti and I decided to wait.
    Most probably I will not skip the next Nvidia generation(as I did with 2080)
    But with a platform update the gains would be in-existent as I play on 4k.

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    Next year is update year for me...not seeing anything worth my wallet right now.
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    I have 9900K, 5GHz @1.3v (so it's basically 9900KS xD), max temps 85* degree - less in games, with 4000MHz RAM my scores are mostly the same, so I think I will wait ;)
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    I upgraded because i was running an ancient i5-4670K and DDR3 ram and the CPU just wasn't cutting it. If i had anything using DDR4 (z170 or newer) i would hold off until at least RocketLake.

    I went with the i7-10700K and couldnt' be happier. The CPU is a beast and things seem so much snapper with DDR4 and a proper M.2 nvme Adata sx8200pro drive that reads 3400mb/s and writes around 2500mb/s (large file rates in crystal bench).
    At stock settings it idles around 30'c and playing games it hasn't gotten any hotter than 58'c. Even did a Cinebench R20 run and it hit only 56'c. Keep in mind i'm using a custom loop consisting of a XSPC ex360 and XSPC ex280 radiators with fractal venturi 120mm and Phanteks 140mm fans all at 1k rpm, Aquacomputer DDC1T-PWM dual 10w pumps, Aquacomputer kryographics Pascal block, and XSPC Raystorm V3 block. Fan speed is based on the ambient air/coolant temp delta which idling is around 2-3'c.

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    In terms of temperature the 10900K pretty much took the crown from the 9900K in terms of heat lol but at +2c/4t.

    The 10700K becomes the sweet spot but also the one that doesnt get much performance boost from last gen's 9900K.

    On the other hand everything is improved on this generation starting with the Z490 motherboards getting a component boost and will run better and less heat than prior.

    I experienced this first hand with my 9700K + Z390i strix and even at 1.26V range or so, runs nice on games but spikes really hot on avx or benchmarks. On the 10700K + Z490i aorus ultra, the combo I side graded to I now have a motherboard that runs cool and a 10700K that is capable of 1.24V and runs really cool as well, the heat levels that the 9700K hits is probably like me going for 5.2GHz. On top of that memory oc and latency improvements and overall features upgrade like AX201, BT, buggy 2.5Gbps lan, slight boosted integrated audio, that come with the motherboard.

    I think 8th and 9th gen can hold off a bit.

    Going 10th gen you may get 11th gen support.

    10th gen is more like a 9th gen refresh.

    i9 10900K = 10700K + 2 cores/4 threads 10c/20t
    i7 10700K = 9900K/KS 8c/16t
    15 10600K = 8700K/8086 6c/12t

    A typical 240mm/ premium air will do. Unless you get a really good 10900K you're looking at a very toasty CPU when pushed to the limits.

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