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Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce' started by Dastero, Apr 16, 2008.

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    Zogis 9800GTX SLi
    Hi all I'm a new poster here. I got my new Zogis 9800GTX today (second in next week or two) to replace my 2 G80 GTSs. It seem about as fast a the two cards so I'm happy. My question is: First thing I did right out of the box was clock the piss out of it. Seems to run fine at 827 gpu, 1250 mem, and 2003 shader using riva tuner. Once again very happy. But I can't get Nbitior to pull up the bios so I can edit it (Nbitior 4.0). It also says no nvidia adapter found when trying to save the bios through nvflash. Does anyone know what the problem might be? Flashed my 8800 on the same setup no problem at all. System is as follows.
    EVGA 680i mobo
    4gig 1066 SLi mem
    E6420 @ 3.6
    Xonar D2 sound card
    PC power and cooling 1k psu
    Vista 64 sp1
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    EVGA GTX480 SC
    I used NiBit 4.0 just fine, but remember you have to 1st read Bios, then 2nd read to NiBit... That might be your problem...
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    GTX280 @ 710/1484/1300
    i think this new BIOS for G92 a bit tricky to flash

    here's what i did for flashing my 9800GTX BIOS

    first, save the original BIOS using nvflash 5.57 in DOS mode (works fine with my 2x Forsa 9800GTX) you have to use floopy disk and put nvflash folder inside your floopy disk

    second, open/read the original BIOS thru Nibitor 4.0, change the value and save it to your floopy disk, example "newbios1" (will automatically put .rom)

    third, boot from removable (floopy disk) then update the new BIOS/firmware thru nvflash in DOS mode

    very simple for me

    FYI, better u stick with Foxconn clocks @ 780/1180/1950

    running crysis 1.1 with 800/1200/2000 @ high/very high got artifacts

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