9800 PRO: Sapphire or Hercules?

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon' started by Thorz, Apr 23, 2003.

  1. Thorz

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    I would like to say hello to all the people in the Guru3d forums, I have spend a good time visiting you and finally I have decided to register.

    I have read the reviewof the Hercules card. Very nice card and I was very pleased with the review also.

    I am geting one of these babies for the new system that I am building, over the Asus Canterwood and a 3Ghz P4. Both are exactly similar for me in the features they offer. The price is almost the same. These two are the only ones available here in Norway at the moment. Bit tje Hercules appears to be delayed until may.

    I have read a lot of good thinks about the Sapphire 9700 Pro so it is quite logical that the 9800 pro would be at least as same as good as its predesesor no? This card is avaliable now.

    What do you think guys?
  2. vasot

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    Well i had made a same thread like these as i am going for a high end card myself

    The Hercules and their cards seems more trustworthy
    so go for a Hercules is my opinion as some alread said to me

    Well the 9800pro cards most of them will be available in MAY i guess

    EVEN the geforce fx cards is not even released yet in my country
    but in some countries both 9800pro and Geforce fx is already released..
    But soon i guess will be available in all countries
  3. Thorz

    Thorz Guest

    The Hercules is delayed 1 month! I think I cannot wait that much :(
    Until somebody gives me a very powerful reason for waiting 30+ days for the Hercules, I am getting the Sapphire taht is in stock now. The 2 cards most perform the same I think, and the bundles are almost the same, the only difference is the sweet cooler of the Hercules, but 30 days is too much to wait for me at the moment. I have wait 5 moths for the 9800pro radeons and Canterwood, and I cannot wait any longer, I am needing the machine now, and I don't have a spare graphic card at the moment.
  4. TheDigitalJedi

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    You will see the same performance with both cards.

    The Hercules card is just waaaaay too cool. :cool:

    If you can't wait......it's understandible.....The 9800 pro is a very nice card to have.

  5. Y2A

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    If their running for about the same price, Hercules. If there is over a $20 difference, Saphire.

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