9300M overclock lock ?!?

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    Hi guys

    My 9300M (ASUS F9SG notebook) seems to have an OC lock. I simply cant go beyond 432/399 MHz.
    Especially the cards DDR2 memory (64bit interface only) is the bottleneck in me sys and I cant go over 399MHz (factory default).
    I’ve tested looots of drivers (164, 169, 174, 175, 177, original, TweakForce, laptopvideo2go) in combination with every OC tool under this sun.
    Result is either “frequency slider stick -> cannot OC” using AtiTool/nTune or “slider movable but only under clocking possible” using EVGA Precision/RivaTuner209.

    Here’s a pic. (under)clocking itself works fine!
    (i OC`d the `standard 2D profile` in this pic. Believe me, its the same in other profiles)

    I’ve already
    ->checked for ‘AllowMaxPerf’ in registry
    ->killed powermizer via registry
    ->forced constant performance level using RivaTuner
    ->used ROM straps to change adapter ID unsing RivaTuner
    ->smashed me head 3x unsing a wall

    Non of these experiments changed anything and now I’m running out of ideas.

    Thx in advance for u`r inspiration!
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