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Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce' started by Crazydave1990, Dec 4, 2011.

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    MSI 8800GTX 2gb
    Alrighty Folks!

    I've got a strong inkling that my graphics card is getting ready to hit the can...

    I'm in a wierd position in which my problem is incredibly annoying, however, is intermittent...


    As seen in the above link, there is crysis... settings on high (no aa/af)

    however... I turn around 180 degrees and...


    I also had this same issue as I was trying to play skyrim... it starts out as a few lines, then, as I increase player movement or as the world becomes more developed, the problem becomes worse...

    I can use my computer fine for the day to day stuff (browsing the web, e-mails, watching films etc)

    I also downloaded the trial version of Mafia 2, the game was running alright, however every now and again, the issue which you can see above would occur...

    Run the card in furmark and I get 5 FPS (what the...?) on 1980 x 1080 and the card runs between 80-90 degrees, which from what I've read is a pretty reasonable temp for an 8800GTX.

    Taken the case on the card off incase there was some dust build-up, to which there was non.

    I also downloaded the latest drivers yesturday for this card, still the same issue...

    Does anyone have any ideas? or am I right in my suspision that the card has simply seen better days and needs to be replaced? I mean, this thing used to bum crysis on V. High Settings + a little AA and AF here and there...
  2. Paul L

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    Yeh it looks like it's gona pop soon. Same type of thing happened to my old
    8800GTX. You've done well by that one lasting soo long.

    Time to look for a replacement I'd say.

    When you get a replacement you might be able to get some use out of the 8800GTX
    by "Baking" it (google it) and if it works after use it as a physx card. Though I'm not sure
    how good it'll perform as such.
  3. Mufflore

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    Update DirectX etc.

    Post your system specs properly.

    Blow the heatsink out with compressed air, removing the cover wont tell you what is inside the heatsink.
    If you havent ever done this, it will need doing.

    Change the heatsink paste, taking care not to damage the memory pads when removing/refitting the sink.
    Be very careful not to allow dust to settle on the memory, GPU, pads etc so make sure it is very clean before disassembling.
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    8800GTX has 2GB!??? not exist!! but yes 768MB.

  5. airbud7

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    This is so True...A friend of mine gave me a GTX 260 OC that acted like OP's card...I did as Mufflore said...And BOOM the card is like new...You will need a very small screwdriver, I think I used eyeglass screwdriver...Take your Time...

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