8800GTS (G92) Shader Clock issue

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    Asus EN8800GTS/HTDP/512M

    I have my Asus 8800GTS (G92) 512MB overclocked with RivaTuner 2.07, and I chose to set the speeds to 700 / 1750 / 972 MHz.

    But when I look at the Hardware Monitoring, I see that the shader clock speed is shown as 1728 MHz...

    Here's a screenshot to show you:

    Is this normal or do I have to change settings in order to get the correct speeds in the Hardware Monitor?

    P.S.: When I use GPU-Z it shows me the correct speeds of 700 / 1750 / 972 MHz

    Thanks for tips !
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    Wrong, wrong and wrong again. GPU-Z is not showing real clock speeds, GPU-Z shows target clocks which you ask to set. Real generated ones should be different because of crystal-based hardware clock frequency generation algorithms. You physically cannot generate any clock you wish. And there are only two tools showing real clocks genrated by hardware - Everest and RivaTuner (hardware monitoring module).

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