8800 GTS 512 stock cooler

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce' started by shady86, Jun 22, 2008.

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    The stock cooler is performing great and quite. Fan speed at 40% my card idles at <60C and load at around 78C. I wonder whether changing the stock thermal paste to AS5 will further lower down the temps? Removing the stock cooler looks tough for me and I'm not sure whether the thermal pads for the VRM and RAM can be used again. Currently my card is clocked at 738/1782/1053. I cant go any higher because of artifact in ATI Tool. I'm not sure whether heat is limiting my OC or the card has reached the limit.
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    first of all get yourself rivatuner and set the fan speed to 100% and go to the overclocking tab and set to unlinked ocing, than try ocing the core first with stock ram and shaders after it just the shaders and after that just the ram. When you get all the max speeds without artefacts (test in atitool while you have it oced with rivatuner), try to set all 3 frequencys to the before aquired max, if you get artefacts yo u should go down some 10mhz on each of the speeds. (you should get a higher oc than), and if oyu want to run those clocks permanently either have the fan at 100% (but thats rather loud) or just get urself a thermalirght hr3 plus with some ram heatsinks and a 9 or 12 cm fan.

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