7970 not working on Crimson Drivers

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon Drivers Section' started by Foxslink, Mar 28, 2016.

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    Funny thing is that OP with HD7970 has Black screen with Crimson.
    Amko with A10-7850K has black screen with any driver other than one which comes with windows.

    My cousin's wife has PC which I did build. It has A10-7850K and I gave her my old HD7970. And she runs W10 + Crimson without any issue.

    And one of my cousins had 'black screen' issue. With i5-2500k...
    At 1st he booted up just fine (BIOS, Windows) through one port.
    But moment he installed drivers... He still could see BIOS and Windows boot up phase, but moment windows loaded custom driver All went black.

    No, not dead, no freeze... Just i5-2500k or MB decided to output signal through one of ports which were not even connected. Connecting other cable and switching inputs on screen did the job.

    Should be noted, that having multiple cables plugged in monitor may prevent some units from detecting right input to display. So manual selection may be good course of action.

    @Foxslink: before you install that driver which causes you Black Screen, put something nice into startup, like music. Make sure it plays after reboot (auto login should be in place). Then install problematic driver and see if OS freezes or actually loads and plays music.
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    well i could be wrong but he mentioned his entire problem was the fact he had the intel display turned on in the bios (but wasn't using it) and the newer crimson drivers or windows just assumes the person is going to use the onboard display. had he tried hooking to that port he likely would have had video. Seems simple to me, if your not using it keep it turned off.
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    These new drivers are too bugged we need to wait till they fix it or some modder do it!
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    Try a Linux live distro. They come with a proper driver. If you get freezes/black screens, then it's your hardware.

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