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    I am new here and already have a small Problem ;-)

    I tried to convert my 7950gx2 with Rivatuner to a Quadro FX-Card.

    So what happened: when I start Rivatuner I can only choose 1 Gryphic card; but 2 are inside (ok both on one but....). So then I select the Card and go on with making a Quadro out of it. Basically this works fine. I set to quadro, restart and in system settings it appears as a Quadro FX 5500. But the second card still appears as a 7950 gx2. And only the FX-Card is working. No chance to get the 2. monitor working. I tried to disable the first card; but this effects that no more card is choosable. Also tried to mod during SLI...also no effect.

    A performance improvement I did not recognise so far....

    What am I doing wrong? Perhaps not possible with this card?

    Since some time I am thinking about perhaps selling this card and buying another to make life easier for me. I recognised that Solid Works worked much better on 2 other PC with ATI-Cards. What could you recommend, also with intention to mod to a fire gl or quadro?

    Thanks a lot!
    Hope this was not already answered somewhere else... but now I am already searching for hours in the internet and still not better...

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    1060 6gb STRIX OC
    i have the same card as you & i dont think you can do stuff like that mate sorry but maybe someone who is good at oc can help because i have only had the new pc rig a few weeks ;-(.... .
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    EVGA 7950GX2 "Superclocked"550/1400
    yeah, don't think you can really do that /
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    You cannot mod ANY G71 based chip into a Quadro. Physically cannot, and FAQ clearly says it.

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