780 TI 6GB Version

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  1. blakedj06

    blakedj06 Guest

    Nvidia is this true?

    Is such Card comming?

    I need a correct Answer!

    http : / / w c c f t e c h . c o m / nvidia-preparing-gtx-780-ti-6gb-edition/
  2. ancientGHz

    ancientGHz Guest

    There's no specific release date yet.

  3. blakedj06

    blakedj06 Guest

    i doesnt need a release date i need the answer from nvidia if this true that this card is comming?

    i will pay for 2 780ti ´s but not now when a 6gb version is comming.
  4. Prithwi2050

    Prithwi2050 Guest

    Yeah it will come out soon as the R9 290Xs are selling like hot cakes with 1 GB more than the 780 TI.

  5. SLI-756

    SLI-756 Guest

    hot? try scorching. :p
  6. ---TK---

    ---TK--- Guest

    So now 3gb of vram is not enough? But 4gb is ok?
  7. JJayzX

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    I didn't know nvidia answers rumors from random people here.
  8. DrDoU

    DrDoU Guest

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    6gb! Isn't overdoing it a bit?The only way I see 6gb is in SLI and that's just actually 3 per card.
  9. 3dPlayer

    3dPlayer Guest

    No. :pc1:
  10. ---TK---

    ---TK--- Guest

    6gb of sli memory is 6gb. The data is mirrored with the same exact data. 3gb per card is just 3gb. You don't add vram.

  11. Loophole35

    Loophole35 Guest

    AMD logic. Put more VRAM on their card and get their fanboys to claim it's needed any less is inadequate. You see the results all over this forum. I mean the 6970 was a much better card than the 580 right it had more RAM :rolleyes:
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  12. hallryu

    hallryu Guest

    Depends on what resolution your pushing at 1440p the extra VRAM is more than welcome.
  13. eclap

    eclap Guest

    Even then, 3gb is enough. Loop I think most of the sensible gurus used to recommend a 7950 over 670 and 7970 over 680 because they performed just as good, cost less and had the extra vram to boost as a bonus. At 1440p you might just need more than 2bg in certain games. More than 3gb? No, unless you game at 4k, even then 3gb is enough 99% of the time. Anyone suggesting otherwise is misinformed.
  14. Loophole35

    Loophole35 Guest

    Well the 7950/70 suggestions were justified after AMD dropped the prices when the 670/80 came out they were priced lower than the AMD cards for a while. I agree that 3GB is perfect for 1440p and 2GB is still plenty for 1080p 99.9% of the time. 4GB will be the sweet spot in the future with 4k but as things are now it's nothing more than e-peen. By the time that much buffer will be needed the card will not be fast enough to use it (BTW I said the same about the Titan).
  15. SLI-756

    SLI-756 Guest

    for a card of this power i'd go 6gb, in the future adding another would perhaps be useful.
    personally on the NVidia side the 780 is the sweet spot for me, i'd throw one, two or three of them in a rig and bet it would be rock solid, another reason a good chance Vet's 790 will appear.

  16. eclap

    eclap Guest

    780ti 6gb will run out of juice well before it runs out of vram.
  17. ---TK---

    ---TK--- Guest

    you are going to run out of gpu power before you come close to using 6gb. Same goes for a 4gb 680. My cards are good for around 2.5gb or a bit higher than the fps plummets and thats with 2 cards.
  18. eclap

    eclap Guest

    2.5gb? You have 4gb 680s so that shouldn't be a problem.
  19. blakedj06

    blakedj06 Guest

    Nvidia doesnt write a answer....

    He hope that many dump Idiots pay the 3GB Version before...

    Money Money Money.

    I hate this Company more and more....
  20. wheeljack12

    wheeljack12 Guest

    Well, it's my turn to prove something here. Both companies (NV and AMD) deserve a butt whooping for one single reason. Price gouging. When AMD and Nvidia went into a price war this fall, they unzipped their flys. What I mean is that fans of both companies got to see how much both companies are profiting when the gtx 700 and r9 series were released in 2013. Think about it, how can a gtx 770 that's basically a superpowered gtx 680 be introduced at $100 lower for example. On amd's side, the r9 280x is a slightly revamped 7970 ghz edition at one time a lower price point that nvidia matched with their gtx 770 further lowering their cost $70 to the $330 price point of both. Keep in mind that the 7970 was introed at a near $500. For those who own a gtx 600 or radeon 7000 series card, don't you feel at least a little pissed off that for the 1st time in gpu history, a next gen gpu after yours was introed at a lower price point rather than higher as we normally expect. If I could, I would get Jen-Jsun Huang and Rory Read together and have them formally apologize to the masses for thinking money before the Fanboys of either. Either AMD and NV are scared out their wits about 20nm not being available to them until late 2014,early 2015 (hmm, TSMC supplies both companies too, think about that part. That's like the arms supplier profiting from both sides arming them to the teeth. Translation, TSMC, scumbags more than NV and AMD) or they actually care about the customer being both nvidia and amd. I would see the 1st point where maxwell is going on 28nm at least. As for gtx 780 ti 6gb, that's pure profit again. They know the golden rule set by PT Barnum, a sucker is born every minute. There is no true way to future proof yourself because something new will always outperform it. Eclap was trying to say that. What I think he was trying to get at is that new gpu's, faster pci-e buses,etc will come out long before 6gb is needed. If nvidia prices 6gb gtx 780 at $1000, go to every review site and tell them to cry bloody murder on this one.
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