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    Hey guys, just need a little help here, first of all, yes I did look through the driver guides and topics that people have made. And I've followed other people suggestions, "Findings", Recommendations and whatnot.

    But I'm still having a bit of trouble, when I boot up my pc she'll run to windows and bsod for me, now when I run the 12.1 driver I can boot her up fine and see in AfterBurner that both cards are working, and I can run Furmark fine.

    Now both cards are not overclocked since 1 is fast enough, and when I play Skyrim, BF3, Serious Sam 3 or some other games, I get better performance off 1 card, but any other driver will bsod on bootup?

    And no I'm not too good with "CF Profiles" For games.

    So what I'm saying here is that I'm running 2 non overclocked 6950's, and the only driver that will let me boot up and run fine is the 12.1 (Also cap3)
    But I get crap performance in cf, and any other driver version just bsod's on bootup. And I know nothing about creating/using/replacing/modding "cf Pofiles"

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