6800GT Winfast artefacts

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce' started by jobo, Apr 19, 2007.

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    Leadtek 6800GT 256mb
    I got one of these off ebay [uh-oh...]. Pu tit in my Asrock K7S8X board and it's been nothing but trouble, with the latest 93.XX forceware, whereas a 6600 had been fine. It's got a brand-name 500 or 550W power supply. On bootup I get a screen of garbage sometimes. Sometimes it boots and then this happens in the middle of a game. Baord has a SiS chipset.

    So then I swap the card into an Abit AN7 and put the 6600 back. The Asrock boar is again fine with the 6600, and the 6800GT has so far been fine in the AN7 [coincidentally has a dirt cheap comes-with-the-box power supply and a slower processor - XP2000 comapred to XP3000].

    Anyone got a take on this? I've seem the Winfast A400 mentioned on some sites as having beem prone to problems in soem batches, that sound like waht I have, and Leadtek replacing them [back then]. But it works fine in the Abit. So I reckon it's the SiS chipset [though using a SiS chipset setting on the driver or Rivatuner crashed the thing completely].
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    XFX 7950gt (Winfast a400gt RIP)
    I had mine for 2 years and started doin the same thing. Infact i RMA'ed it twice cuz of it.

    I believe its cuz its heavy and over time messes it up.

    I got me a 7950gt now

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    Asus 6800 V9999
    What power supply precisely do you have. The brand and model? I think you need a power supply with at least 21 amps (A) on the 12V rail/combined 12V (more amps on the 12V is better, i.e. better stability etc.).

    For the time being you can try to update the motherboard with a newer bios if the motherboard has an older bios.

    Also check whether you have installed the AGP driver (SIS agp gart driver) for the SIS motherboard.

    I notice that the info about Asrock K7S8X is only available at the France Asrock site:

    Bios V.2.6 for the K7S8X:

    Drivers for the motherboard (ide driver, sound onboard driver, SIS agp gart driver etc.):

    AMI winflash utility for bios flashing:

    Good luck!

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