6800GS fan control problem

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    I bought a 6800GS card. I set up a 50 50 50 fan profile and checked the startup adjust checkbox. But when I run some 3D games, the fan won't stick with 50% duty cycle. It'll become 100% when the core temperature reach 70C. That makes very large noise. I found nothing about low-level temperature control but only driver control. What should I do now to stick the fan with 50% duty cycle? Thanks.

    $ffffffffff ----------------------------------------------------------------
    $ffffffffff Northbridge information
    $ffffffffff ----------------------------------------------------------------
    $0400000000 Description : unknown
    $0400000001 Vendor ID : 8086 (Intel)
    $0400000002 Device ID : 2770
    $0400000003 AGP bus : not supported
    $ffffffffff ----------------------------------------------------------------
    $ffffffffff Display adapter information
    $ffffffffff ----------------------------------------------------------------
    $0000000000 Description : NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GS
    $0000000001 Vendor ID : 10de (NVIDIA)
    $0000000002 Device ID : 00c0
    $0000000003 Location : bus 1, device 0, function 0
    $0000000004 Bus type : PCIE
    $000000000f PCIE link width : 16x supported, 16x selected
    $0000000009 Base address 0 : e0000000 (memory range)
    $000000000a Base address 1 : c0000000 (memory range)
    $000000000b Base address 2 : none
    $000000000c Base address 3 : e1000000 (memory range)
    $000000000d Base address 4 : none
    $000000000e Base address 5 : none
    $ffffffffff ----------------------------------------------------------------
    $ffffffffff NVIDIA specific display adapter information
    $ffffffffff ----------------------------------------------------------------
    $0100000000 Graphics core : NV42 revision A1 (12pp,5vp)
    $0100000001 Hardwired ID : 00c0 (ROM strapped to 00c0)
    $0100000002 Memory bus : 256-bit
    $0100000003 Memory type : DDR3 (RAM configuration 05)
    $0100000004 Memory amount : 524288KB
    $0100000005 Core clock : 351.000MHz
    $0100000006 Memory clock : 598.500MHz (1197.000MHz effective)
    $0100000007 Reference clock : 27.000MHz
    $ffffffffff ----------------------------------------------------------------
    $ffffffffff NVIDIA VGA BIOS information
    $ffffffffff ----------------------------------------------------------------
    $1100000000 Title : GeForce 6800 GTS VGA BIOS
    $1100000002 Version :
    $1100000100 BIT version : 1.00
    $1100000200 Core clock : 300MHz
    $1100000201 Memory clock : 700MHz
    $1100010000 Performance level 0 : 350MHz/600MHz/1.22V/53%
    $1100010001 Performance level 1 : 475MHz/600MHz/1.37V/53%
    $1100020000 VID bitmask : 00000011b
    $1100020100 Voltage level 0 : 1.22V, VID 00000000b
    $1100020101 Voltage level 1 : 1.37V, VID 00000001b
    $1100020102 Voltage level 2 : 0.00V, VID 00000000b
    $1100030001 Core thermal compensation : 4C
    $1100030002 Core thermal threshold : 125C/115C/70C
    $1100030003 Ambient thermal threshold : 110C/100C
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    You cannot do anything but edit VGA BIOS to prevent the driver from doing that. Just look at "Core thermal threshold" line of the "NVIDIA VGA BIOS information" diagnostic report category:

    Core thermal threshold : 125C/115C/70C

    There are 3 thermal thresholds defined for core temperature there. When the first critical threshold is triggered, driver boosts fan to 100%. When the second one is trigerred, driver throttles clock frequencies by 1 performance level down (i.e. switches card to LowPower 3D or even 2D mode). When the third one is trigerred, driver completely blocks performance level switching and switches your card to safe (boot) clocking mode (i.e. sets the clocks your graphics card was booting at).
    The only way to change it is to edit the thresholds. Currently there are no BIOS editors allowing you to edit critical fan speed threshold, but as far as I know new version of NBM (Nvidia BIOS Modifier) will include the options for changing it.
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    Many thanks for your clearly explanation. It seems I should wait for the new software. I am curious why the first level threshold is set that low since the chip so easily hit it. Maybe the cooling method is out of date. :rolleyes: The fan is really noisy when running at full speed.

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