6600GT False Reviews, Why??

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce' started by Great Satan, Jan 2, 2005.

  1. Great Satan

    Great Satan Guest

    I've got a problem with all the reviews of the 6600 GT AGP that have been on the web lately, if you noticed not one of them has even mentioned any problems with them at all. I find that hard to believe considering that a lot of us who actually got our hands on a 6600GT are having issues with them. Artifacts, spikes you name it.
    Even after we've tried everything, fresh install, updating drivers, etc...etc.. still the same problems.
    But still no mention in any online reviews about any problems, is it me or are they just the lucky ones or are they just hiding it from us..i don't get..
    Here's a review here as an example,

    Funny thing is this is the same card i'm having problems with..what do all of you think???
  2. fivefeet8

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    You haven't tried RMA'ing the card. If all else fails, an RMA is your best chance.
  3. mxcolin

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    I totally agree and that is something I was also thinking. I have had nothing but gried from my 6600GT and yet no mention of the problems.
  4. pedropaulo

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    Agree. I saw many reviewes and none of them mentioned issues with the cards. Or nvidia send only good chips or, and i wouldn´t like to believe that, we have been fooled.
    Any way the reputation built before the release of this cards is now ruined. Mine is working ok, but still very far from reviewes.

  5. xlt1a

    xlt1a Guest

    Keep in mind though,after reading alot of the problem threads on this site,it seems that 90% of them are XFX cards. I've seen plenty of good talk about some other brands(BFG,MSI.etc.). And remember nowadays,alot of it has to do with system makeup.......computer components are getting ever so touchy about what they will and won't work with.
  6. Killgore

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    Keep in mind that XFX was the first on the scene and thus has the most cards to the masses at this point, so its only natural to hear more problems with their cards. But that doesn't excuse XFX's complete sh*t style tech support or NVida's complete silence on the issue.

    In any case most likely all the cards sent to reviewers were pre-tested and of the highest possible quality... the pick of the litter. However, I have yet to see any of those sites modify their review to mention the flood of problems with this card. Even those review sites that double as news sites have failed to make any mention in their news about the 6600 GT being a dog and pony show.

    Guess nobody wants to risk not getting review hardware for the next product cycle.
  7. Great Satan

    Great Satan Guest

    I totally agree with you Killgore, it's sad to think that they hiding or just shutting up about it..and to xlt1a I have updated equipment it's listed on the side. Regardless the minium specs for this card are as follows
    600mhz or faster
    8x agp
    64mb of system memory
    Nvidia says only need 300watt PS
  8. alanm

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    I and a few other XFX 6600gt owners have seen zero problems with our cards. Yes, many others reported problems, but XFX were the first on the market with these cards so they sold the most... therefore, they're bound to have the most reported problems. I have seen probs with almost every other manufacturer of 6600gt AGP in this and other forums as well.

    As far as positive reviews of the 6600gt, I think manufacturers make sure that their cards are in perfect working order before giving them to reviewers... nothing is worse than a bad review for business. When the cards are in mass production, there are bound to be a few that come out not working as they should.

    One major problem in mass production of high-end vid cards is the inconsistent and uneven application of the thermal paste between the GPU core and HS. Thats why there are wildly varying reported temperatures of users of the same cards. I took off my HS and found a messy glob of thermal paste not only on the GPU core but spilling onto the processor itself. Cleaned it all up, reapplied a thin layer of paste, and noticed an improvement in temperatures.

    There are just too many variables that can interfere with the performance of a card, incl mobo drivers or compatibility, PSU power, temps, GPU driver config and settings, i.e. vsync, etc, etc..
  9. Great Satan

    Great Satan Guest

    Nobody's picking on XFX's, I have MSI and it sucks, other's have different makes of the 6600GT as well..what we saying or I'm saying is that it's pretty bad that nobody coming back with follow up reviews about our problems..
    Nvidia is also slow to come up with a solution don't you think???
  10. xlt1a

    xlt1a Guest

    Yeah,no one is picking on them,and if they were one of the first to release these cards,then it makes perfect sense that there are problems....is their tech support actually THAT bad?? Just like the unlocking of the VS and Pipes on the 6800's....must be a hit or miss situation.

    I hope nobody got the wrong impression of my post...it wasn't knocking anyone...just going by what I have read,and that is also the same reason I opted to get a BFG6800 OC after I already had my mind set on the 6600GT agp.

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