66.81 Forceware Drivers Updated to WHQL...

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce Drivers Section' started by plexdude, Oct 20, 2004.

  1. NvidiaFreak

    NvidiaFreak Guest

    i got the white lines in Hitman 3 and when i unistall it and when back to 61.77 i still have it. so i use driver cleaner and i hope the problem went away.
  2. Firefox_1

    Firefox_1 Guest

    Looks like I'm the only one who thought the only driver Omega 1.6177 beat was the official 61.77. All these new betas, mainly 66.81 gave me much more performance and IQ that the Omegas. The difference was largely noticeable in CS:S.
  3. Rodman

    Rodman Guest

    I installed them over my old 66.81 beta and this time around, Windows didn't warn me that it wasn't cirtified. Other than that I may have gained 1fps in Doom3, 3D mark scores are the same:rolleyes:
  4. TeaEtchSee

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    XFX 7950gt (Winfast a400gt RIP)
    yup...omega did a nice job on those drivers...but it took him a while to release it :(

  5. _JP_

    _JP_ Guest

    Well i dont know why but no one is talking about 66.72WHQL.
    Im using this set now, im very happy with them and no bugs on CSS or any other game i`ve played.
    I have high scores in 3dmark05 with 66.72 them any other drivers if you like to know.

    PS:sorry about my english, too bad...
  6. Smooothie

    Smooothie Guest

    Anyone else notice that one of the additions to these drivers is support for 512MB frame buffer cards?

    I wonder if that means they'll be coming soon?
  7. eduardmc

    eduardmc Guest

    i lost about 80 points in 3dmark 03 and about 50 point in 3dmark 05. but i'm keeping then cause NFSU play smoother, and it lower my temp about 2C at idle and at max loud.
  8. Ghosthunter

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    Gainward HD3850 512MB
    still have the prob with 66.81 whql....
    did a clean uninstall of the 66.81 beta with dc 3.3 and then installed the whql set. still get the message during inst that they were not whql signed. after installation my dxdiag 9c shows whql logo: no
    could it be win2k? i've seen most of you use xp....
  9. Grendel_66

    Grendel_66 Guest

    Quadro FX 4400
  10. Thor

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    This driver rocked it for me.

    Sticking to this one, tried others to include recent omega.

    Not faulting anyone or anything just statement it best one so far for me.


  11. alanc

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    XFX 6800 Ultra
    Got my best scores with these new drivers, downloaded them from the Nvidia ftp site!

    aquamark 62,960
    3dmarko1 22,224
    3dmark03 12,574
    3dmark05 5,468

    Plays Doom 3 GREAT
  12. TheGr81

    TheGr81 Guest

    Any problems with white lines in CS:Source with the 66.72s?
  13. Sharoth

    Sharoth Guest

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    XFX Merc 319 6900XT
    I get the same problems with these drivers as I did the last drivers. No white lines but textures are messed up. Like in CS:Source, I have a textured line going from my knife to my other hand. And some textures have see through parts in them, almost like the card isnt rendering the reflections right or something. Anyone else have this issue ? As far as framerate goes, they are extremely better than the 65.73 or the 66.72's on my box, just cant stand the lame looking texture bugs with these drivers.
  14. DooGie

    DooGie Guest

    This is getting a bit off topic but I've just noticed your benchmark results.
    3DMark 01: 14572
    3DMark 03: 11940
    3DMark 05: 5190

    These are practically identical to what I get but what I want to know is why are our 3DMark 01 results so low. Other peeps round here seem to be hitting 20000 +.
  15. Sharoth

    Sharoth Guest

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    XFX Merc 319 6900XT
    I have always wondered the same. With this 6800 GT I have never gotten those high scores. Dunno if its something to do with my system or what. Your guess is as good as mine. /shrug

  16. BAKingCobra

    BAKingCobra Guest

    3dmark01 messure the whole comp.. not just the gfx. 3dmark03 and 05 is "only" for messure your gfx.
  17. Burgurne

    Burgurne Master Guru

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    MSI Gaming GTX980Ti
    For me, these WHQL 66.81 gave the solution to the stuttering I had in Toca Race Driver 2 after installing SP2. With "beta" 66.81 the stutter was not much, but it was there. Now it is gone completely :D
  18. MasterChef

    MasterChef Guest

    I get white lines all over the place with the 66.81s, but a really nice fps increase. This was with cs-s. Went back to the good old 61.77s... ^_^
  19. David

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    Are you using Antialiasing?
  20. PCGUY112888

    PCGUY112888 Guest

    Since when?

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